Professional Jeweler Archive: Suppliers to Sell Moissanite

August 2000


Suppliers to Sell Moissanite

Stuller and Rio Grande will sell the loose stones to jewelers. Other manufacturers will make moissanite jewelry

Big changes are under way in the distribution of synthetic moissanite. Charles & Colvard, which developed synthetic moissanite when the company was still known as C3, will continue to produce the material and develop the brand. But it will market the loose stones in North America through Stuller Settings Inc. and Rio Grande.

In addition, Charles & Colvard has awarded licenses to three companies to manufacture lines of jewelry featuring synthetic moissanite. The manufacturers are K&G Creations, Leddel International Inc. and Iraj & Sons.

Two Thailand-based companies, Pranda Intergems Co. and Moissanite Thailand Ltd., also manufacture lines of jewelry with synthetic moissanite and market it globally. In addition, jewelry with moissanite will be featured at, a Web site operated by Joe Schuback of Schuback Jewelers, Scottsdale, AZ.

Focus on Independent Jewelers

The changes are designed to reach more independent jewelers. “We’ve been unable to increase the number of independent jewelers carrying moissanite at a rate necessary to achieve our business goals,” says Jeff Hunter, formerly CEO and now a consultant to Charles & Colvard.

The new system will provide retailers with an added arsenal of tools to help sell moissanite to the public. K&G Creations, a subsidiary of JewelNet Corp., has developed a display called “The Silent Salesman.” Designed to fit in a standard showcase, the Silent Salesman comes with a video display offering a five-minute history and description of moissanite, with the consumer listening through a wireless headset. “After this,” says Neil Koppel, CEO of K&G, “the only question the consumer has is ‘Can you please show me something with moissanite?’”

K&G offers three programs: The Optimum, a $25,000 assortment of merchandise in several categories; The Budget, $10,000 in merchandise; and The Tester, $2,500 in merchandise, but without the video display. The video can be changed to feature various gift-giving events, such as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. The Silent Salesman also has a section for loose stones.

K&G plans a full line of jewelry featuring synthetic moissanite combined with colored gemstones and diamonds. The moissanite will be set also in estate-style and Art Deco-style jewelry, as well as a line of 14k gold and neoprene jewelry.

To encourage jewelers to advertise moissanite jewelry, Koppel offers a 10% allowance in the form of credit toward the next purchase. He also plans advertising in publications such as In Style and regional issues of The Robb Report, listing the names of participating area retailers.

Leddel International, meanwhile, plans to use synthetic moissanite to enhance and supplement its extensive line of engagement rings and semimounts, according to a spokesman.

  • Charles & Colvard, Morrisville, NC; (919) 468-0399, fax (919) 468-0486,
  • Stuller Settings Inc., Lafayette, LA; (318) 837-4100, fax (318) 981-1655,
  • Rio Grande, Albuquerque, NM; (505) 839-3000, fax (800) 965-2329,
  • K&G Creations, Boca Raton, FL; (561) 279-4877, fax (561) 279-4879,
  • Leddel International Inc., San Mateo, CA; (626) 571-1155, fax (626) 571-7885.
  • Iraj & Sons, New York City; (800) 221-3409, fax (212) 221-3405.

– by Jack Heeger

A selection of synthetic moissanite jewelry available from Charles & Colvard

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