Professional Jeweler Archive: Emerald in the Rough

August 2000

Diamonds/New Products

Emerald in the Rough

Bold and elegant, rectangular diamonds are a mark of the highest-end jewelry

Developed in the late 19th century, the emerald cut emphasizes a diamond’s color rather than its brilliance. Cutting a diamond into a rectangle with chamfered corners and step sides also retains more of its weight.

The emerald cut is a bold look for a larger diamond. “When a customer wants an important looking diamond, the emerald cut is the first choice – generally 3-5 carats and set in platinum,” says Faye Winter, vice president of Louis Glick & Co., New York City. It’s particularly popular in three-stone rings and stud earrings.

– by Lorraine M. Suermann, A.J.P.

Four platinum and emerald-cut diamond rings.

Gem Platinum, New York City; (800) 356-3192 or (212) 819-0850, fax (212) 302-3874.

Platinum and 18k gold ring features a fancy yellow emerald-cut diamond surrounded by diamond pavé. Total carat weight, 3.44.

Codiam Inc., New York City; (800) 223-6279 or (212) 840-1484, fax (212) 354-0016,

Platinum ring features a 10.01-ct. emerald-cut center diamond flanked by 1.21 carats of tapered baguettes. All diamonds are J/IF. Suggested retail, $200,000.

Louis Glick & Co., New York City; (800) 223-0598 or (212) 259-0300, fax (212) 489-8178.

Crafted in platinum and 18k gold, this ring is made to hold a 1.50-2.0-ct. center diamond and 0.80 carat of emerald-cut side diamonds. The semimount is $7,850 keystone.

Judith Conway, Windsor, CA; (707) 838-8760, fax (707) 838-8765.

Platinum bangle is set with 10.49 carats of emerald-cut diamonds. Suggested retail, $64,000.

William Levine Fine Jewels, Chicago, IL; (312) 236-3700, fax (312) 580-7470,

18k white gold rings are designed to hold 1.08 to 3.29 carats of emerald-cut diamonds.

C&K Nissenbaum/D.B.A. Chaim Nissenbaum, New York City; (212) 869-7646, fax (212) 869-7659.

Platinum ring is set with 1.58 carats of emerald-cut diamonds. Keystone, $7,500.

Barnett Robinson Inc., New York City; (212) 682-1086, fax (212) 682-1848.

18k white gold ring features a 1-ct. emerald-cut diamond surrounded by 0.50 carat of diamond pavé. Suggested retail, $4,000 for the semimount.

Jane Taylor Inc., South Hadley, MA; (413) 535-1574, fax (413) 535-5138.

Platinum rings feature emerald-cut diamonds.

Kwiat, New York City; (800) 927-GEMS or (212) 223-1111, fax (212) 223-2796.

Platinum “Step” ring is set with a 2.02-ct. emerald-cut H/SI center diamond and 0.75 carat of J/VS1 emerald-cut accent diamonds. Suggested retail, $15,500.

Philippe Diamond Corp., New York City; (212) 869-5570, fax (212) 944-2506.

Handcrafted in platinum with 18k gold prongs, this ring features a 3.64-ct. fancy yellow emerald-cut diamond flanked by 1.05-ct. I/VVS1 and 1.08-ct. H/VVS2 emerald-cut diamonds.

SES Creations, New York City; (212) 207-8737.

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