Professional Jeweler Archive: Crystal Cures, Part 4

August 2000

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Crystal Cures, Part 4

We continue our look at gems as medicine

Can gems cure physical ailments? One group of scientists believes so. Whether or not you believe it, the idea makes for an interesting conversation with customers. Marcella Sapanora of the University of Pisa in Italy developed gem therapy based on another alternative discipline, floritherapy, developed by British homeopath Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s. Here are some symptoms, the plants Bach recommended to treat them and the gems Sapanora suggests for the same symptoms.

Lack of Concentration

Plant treatment: Clematis.
Gem treatment: Snowflake obsidian to keep your feet on the ground.

Obsession with Cleanliness

Plant treatment: Chestnut bud.
Gem treatment: Chrysoberyl to stimulate understanding of ourselves and tourmaline to stimulate love and respect of ourselves.

Fatigue, Problems with Knee, Shoulders or Nape

Plant treatment: Elm.
Gem treatments: Calcite to prevent excesses and malachite to respect limits of ourselves and others.

Distrust, Doubt, Melancholy

Plant treatment: Gentian.
Gem treatments: Turquoise to relax, green jasper to stimulate positive thoughts and amber for serenity.

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