Professional Jeweler Archive: You Can Have Too Much Jewelry

August 2000


You Can Have Too Much Jewelry

Do your jewelry cases have too much jewelry? It’s not a trick question. According to design consultant Pam Levine, too much is, well, too much.

“It can be overwhelming to try to look at everything in a full display case,” says Levine of Levine Design, New York City, who spoke to retailers at the recent GlobalShop store fixturing show in Chicago, IL. Cramming dozens of items into a case like so many doughnuts can send a message that jewelry is a commodity.

Almost as bad, she says, is jewelry spread out at only one level. Better to display some pieces in a way that raises them toward the customer. Levine favors flower-like “stems” that hold an item several inches off the floor of a cabinet.

– by Mark E. Dixon

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