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August 2000

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Products for the Bench

A variety of updates make jewelrymaking and repair easier

Jewelers are borrowing products from other industries where close work, casting, weighing small amounts and using oxygen are prevalent. As a result, the companies that make these products are beginning to target the jewelry industry. On these two pages, some news products make their debut on the jewelry scene.

I Can See Clearly Now

For middle-aged jewelers’ eyes and any eyes that need an assist in jewelrymaking, Edroy Products Co. offers vision aids. Edro recently redesigned its Magni-Focuser® with a streamlined appearance and lighter lenses and lens plates. The changes are designed to make the device more comfortable and less obtrusive.

The Millennium Magni- Focuser® is available also, featuring a light and/or bifocal lens. Its adjustable, contoured, padded vinyl headband can be washed and worn over glasses. The high-impact, non-corrosive ABS plastic front lens is shatterproof and scratch resistant, and there is no center post to obstruct vision. It comes with an 8,000 candle power Xenon Laser Spot® beam and runs for six to seven hours on two AA alkaline batteries, included with purchase.

The Magni-Focuser is available in six regular models with lens powers of 1.5X to 3.5X. It also comes in four models with a pivoting 3.5X (+10D) auxiliary monocular lens providing magnification up to 5.25X for one eye. An auxiliary lens may be purchased for any of the six regular models. The regular models start around $22. The Magni-Focuser with a light is $75. Auxiliary lenses are $7 each.

Edroy also has improved the Opticaid, a clip-on device designed to enhance close-up, hands-free work for people who wear glasses. The Opticaid is made in the U.S. and features an ophthalmic-quality magnifying loupe and a hard-coated, scratch-resistant acrylic lens. It’s available in standard or bifocal configuration.

The latest innovation is the Spring Clip Opticaid, which uses alligator clips to attach easily to virtually every style of eyeglasses on the market, including safety goggles. The alligator clips also permit easily removal and replacement of the Opticaid. The lens can accommodate single vision, bifocal, varifocal and half-eye lenses. The clip itself is made of “memory” plastic, with a heavy-duty, heat-treated metal spring and soft-coated prongs that protect eyeglass lenses from scratching.

  • Edroy Products, Nyack, NY; (800) 233-8803 for a list of distributors that carry Edroy vision-aid products.

Scaling Up

Ohaus Corp., a worldwide manufacturer of precision balances, has introduced an NTEP-approved balance as part of its popular Navigator™ series (NTEP stands for the National Type Evaluation Program of the National Conference of Weights and Measures). It’s designed to be used on your counter or to be taken on the road. An optional auxiliary display allows customers to see the reading, helping you comply with regulations concerning sales to the public.

The Scout II, an improved version of the company’s Scout line of balances, now includes high-capacity 1,200-gram and 6,000-gram models. The line has enhanced protection against radio frequency interference from the use of cell phones, beepers, pagers and other electronic devices. The Scout II models also feature improved resistance to environmental factors, including drafts that can compromise accuracy. Scout II can be purchased with an RS232 Interface that allows you to connect the balance to a printer or computer for the printing, storage or other use of the data.

Like its predecessors, Scout II offers two-button operation, overload protection up to 150% of capacity, an integral security bracket and an easy-to-read LCD display. It comes with a five-year warranty on labor and parts. Scout II comes in a 200-X-0.01-gram model costing $295 and a 400-X-0.1-gram model costing $155. Both are available with the RS232 interface for an additional $80.

Ohaus also introduced The Hand-Held™ scales, available in a standard version with basic grams-only weighing and in two professional models with multiple weighing units and backlight display. All three models come with a protective cover that doubles as a scoop. The Hand-Held models can weigh up to 320 grams, feature standard four-button operation and are designed for easy hand-held use.

The Compact Scales™ series replaces the company’s LS series. It features battery or AC options, overload protection up to 150% capacity and digital calibration. The models are suitable for the jewelry workbench or showroom countertop. The two-button operation means virtually no operator training is required.

  • Ohaus, Florham Park, NJ; (800) 672-7722, for the dealer nearest you.

– by William H. Donahue Jr.

The streamlined Magni-Focuser® from Edroy Products.
At the bench or in the field, the Ohaus Navigator™ is a powerful, flexible balance.

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