Professional Jeweler Archive: Stacking Ads for an Image Boost

December 2000


Stacking Ads for an Image Boost

Ganging smaller ads can give a more complete picture

Creating an ad is tough for a lot of jewelers. So many factors affect store image that focusing on just one – and omitting the rest – can be painful.

But not for Gary Gordon.

This Oklahoma City jeweler has an inventory of more than 200 ads from which, twice a week, he selects seven to run in column-wide "stacks" down the right side of a newspaper page. Sooner or later, they all get used and the aggregate effect has a look all its own.

According to Gordon, each stack includes certain themes, though the top ad always features a member of the store staff. After that, the categories are:

• Unset diamonds.

• Engagement rings.

• Branded jewelry.

"I call the concept 'stealing the page,'" says Gordon, explaining that while his ads don't take up a full page the combined "look" is so compelling they might as well.

Gordon says stack ads combine the best elements of institutional and product advertising and are more productive than moody "lifestyle" ads that show happy, loving couples but not much jewelry.

"We did lifestyle advertising like you wouldn't believe," he says, "but it got stale. Jewelers should never forget that product is the star of the show.

"I think this is really the greatest thing we've ever done."

Since 1998, Gordon has run the ads in the Sunday and Friday entertainment sections of the metro daily newspaper; he recently added the Sunday feature section to the mix. He also uses a weekly newspaper serving an affluent neighborhood.

"The power of this approach comes from the multiple messages we're able to deliver," said Gordon. "It's like printing a minicatalog, and people do cut it out and bring it in."

– Mark E. Dixon

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