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December 2000

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Rubber Soul

A new line of jewelry appeals to Gen Y buyers who love jewelry but may not have graduated to higher-end tastes ... yet

You may remember the famous advice, delivered by an older man to a younger one, in the movie The Graduate: "Just remember one word: plastics."

If you're looking for something truly unique to intrigue your younger customers, jewelry designer Rachel Silber hopes you'll remember one other word: rubber.

Silber created the Goomi collection of necklaces, key chains, earrings and bracelets made primarily of rubber with gold accents. As you might imagine, the pieces are flexible and feel different from most other jewelry not only to touch, but also when worn.

Who would be most likely to wear rubber jewelry? Silber is quick to describe her target market: Women who are unique and confident with their own sense of style. Women who like jewelry that makes a statement, pieces they won't see coming and going. Women who range from their 20s to 40s and in almost any income bracket.

"The jewelry is casual, fun and easy to wear," says Silber. "It's perfect for dress-down Fridays at work, but can be worn just as easily with that classic black dress."

Silber also notes the Goomi collection has a unisex appeal. She has designed an 8-in. bracelet that can be worn just as stylishly by men as women. The Goomi Collection is $136 to $390 keystone.

For spring, she's developing a collection using rubber, leather and silver targeted at younger buyers too. These pieces are inspired by primitive and aboriginal cultures.

Silber's Inc. is a family-owned jewelry design, manufacturing and importing business in operation since 1980. All of Rachel Silber's designs are manufactured in-house. Her primary customers are midlevel retail jewelers.

• Silber's Inc., Houston, TX; (800) 833-8079.

– William H. Donahue Jr.

Rubber jewelry is designed to appeal to individualistic, stylish women in their 20s to 40s.

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