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December 2000

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Need a Watchmaker?

AWI can help. Here are more recertified members

About 10 U.S. schools extensively train students to become watch repair specialists and watchmakers. One of the best known is operated by The American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute. It's also the only professional watchmaker's organization in the country that requires members to recertify to retain their accreditation.

To help our readers who are in search of qualified watch repairers, last month we began to list by state AWI members who have recertified through August 2000. More are included here.

All AWI-certified members recertify in five-year cycles to remain current with technologies and trends. The member must pass a written test, attend lectures, participate in bench courses, read pertinent literature and publish an article in Horological Times.

AWI offers six proficiency examinations leading to the following credentials: certified watchmaker (CW), certified master watchmaker (CMW), certified electronic watch technician (CEWT), certified master electronic watchmaker (CMEW), certified clockmaker, (CC) and certified master clockmaker (CMC).

Recertified as of March 2000:

Idaho: Mike R. Huffaker, CMW, CMEW, Boise.

Illinois: James W. Dowell, CC, Pana; Robert M. Leach, CMC, Urbana; Steven Spinner, CMW, Chicago; Laurence A. Blanchard, CMW, Decatur; Gary Bruce, CMC, Princeton; David M. Gardner, CMC, Champaign; Roland R. Iverson, CMC, Elgin; James T. LaChapelle, CMC, Elgin; Bernard W. Smith, CMC, Decatur.

Indiana: Herbert Anderson, CMW, Madison; William Botkin, CMW, Muncie; Robert Bradley, CMW, Brookville; David Christianson, CMW, CMEW, Kendallville; Rob Hays, CMW, Bloomington; Steven Makowski, CMW, Blufton; Todd Murray, CMW, Muncie; M.F. Stinnett, CMW, Marion; Ray Vance, CMW, Lawrence; Robert Lohmann, CMW, Rockville; John Moser, CMW, Elwood; Harold C. Blue, CMW, Ossian; James P. Caddell, CMW, Frankfort; Rudolf Hoellein, CMW, Carmel; Mark Lower, Whitestown; Steven Settle, CMW, CMEW, Bloomington; Victor Settle, CMW, Bloomington; Ernest Wampler, CMW, North Manchester.

Kansas: Jerry M. Faier, CMC, Overland Park; Robert L. Mohr, CMW, CMEW, Manhattan; Jeffrey Scott Worth, CMW, Overland Park.

Kentucky: Jon W. Alexander, CMC, CMW, Louisville; William Daniel Clater Sr., CMW, Louisville.

Maryland: Daniel A. Spath, CMW, Ellicott City; Rodney V. Councell, CMC, CMW, Greensboro; Stanley H. Craig, CMW, Hagerstown; William E. Nicholson, CMW, Huntington; Glenn D. Swafford, CMW, Glen Burnie.

Michigan: George Ohrenstein, CMW, Walled Lake; Steven J. Culbert, CMW, Fort Gratiot.

Mississippi: Elbert Lewis, CMW, Laurel; Winford Rawls, CMW, Tylertown.

Minnesota: Paul M. Mowry, CMC, Grand Rapids; Michael Mishou, CC, Saint Paul.

Many AWI members have earned qualifications in the past five years and aren't yet required to recertify. For the full list of AWI watchmakers, call (513) 367-9800 or visit

– David A. Christianson, Certified Master Watchmaker

David Christianson is fourth-generation owner of Christianson Jewelry, Kendallville, IN. He is past president of the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute, a certified master watchmaker and a fellow of the British Horological Society. He discusses watch repair for the sales staff in this column each month. Send questions, suggestions and comments to Professional Jeweler, 1500 Walnut St., Suite 1200, Philadelphia, PA 19102; timepieces@

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