Professional Jeweler Archive: C3 Now Charles & Colvard

February 2000


C3 Now Charles & Colvard

It’s moving away from a high-tech image, choosing a warmer, consumer-friendly name

The product remains the same, but the company that brought created moissanite to market has changed its name. The company, formerly C3 Corp., of Morrisville, NC, now operates as Charles & Colvard.

The change has a lot to do with the way the company is positioning its product. “We wanted to let go of C3, which is technical-sounding, and move toward creating brand equity with a name that our target market clearly identifies,” says CEO and President Jeff Hunter. He says the target is affluent women between 25 and 54 who earn more than $50,000 a year.

Remaking the Image

The company aims to sell created moissanite in mid- to upper-level jewelry stores. Larger and better-quality output and only one source of created moissanite will position the product as highly desirable, says David Fudge, the company’s new vice president of sales. Fudge points to the profit potential. “Jewelers who carry moissanite have averaged a six-times-per-year inventory turnover – a dramatic return on investment.” He also says created moissanite has brought jewelers 60%-65% profit margins.

Distributing Created Moissanite

Hunter wants to distribute to jewelers who sell created moissanite on its own virtues. “Customers understand our product because they are focusing on its beauty,” he says. “We want jewelers who understand that – jewelers who can advertise and merchandise well.” To help, Hunter says Charles & Colvard is developing an educational package and a co-op advertising program.

Created moissanite is sold loose to retailers and designers with the stipulation it not be resold loose to consumers. The loose gems provide jewelers with the freedom to make jewels that fit their market. They also help bolster the bottom line: “We are avoiding middlemen and helping put profit in jeweler’s pockets,” Fudge says.

Charles & Colvard is also reaching consumers via its on-line catalog at The site also features a trade-only section.

  • Charles & Colvard, Morrisville, NC; (919) 468-0399.

– by Robert Weldon, G.G

An 18k yellow gold elevated wave ring features created moissanite.

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