Professional Jeweler Archive: Rolls Royce of Loupes

February 2000

Gemstones & Pearls/Gemology

Rolls Royce of Loupes

A new 2.3X loupe allows you to examine gemstones or jewelry in stereo

Using a standard 10X loupe for the first time can be an exercise in frustration. You close one eye and squint through the other while holding the loupe close. In the other hand you pick up a gem with tweezers and try to get the proper distance away from the loupe so everything is in focus. It’s a challenge even for trained users.

The Galilean Telescopic Loupe System, made by Carl Zeiss Jena in Germany, is designed to make the task easier. The system frees up your hands because the double loupe is worn like spectacles. Along with the world-renowned Zeiss optics, which are adjustable for the user, the 2.3X loupe gives you a comfortable working distance and a much wider field of vision. Best of all, you can keep both eyes open, which means you see the gem in stereo – providing better depth perception. The Galilean Loupe is better suited than a standard loupe for the following tasks:

  • Examining jewelry being taken in for repair.
  • Stringing pearls.
  • Examining the facets and facet arrangement of gemstones when cutting or buying.
  • Viewing the relative position and size of inclusions in some gemstones (10X is the standard magnification used for grading, so don’t use it for that).
  • Examining the quality of settings and the overall quality of metalwork in jewelry.
  • Studying hallmarks in metal.
  • Showing customers detail work in jewelry.

The eyepieces adjust to accommodate differences in eye and face measurements to provide optimum vision. The nosepiece is hypoallergenic, and a leather storage case is included.

The Galilean Telescopic Loupes are used also in medicine, art and industrial quality control. For use in the jewelry industry, the loupes are distributed by Betty Sue King of King’s Ransom, Sausalito, CA; (415) 331-2650,

– by Robert Weldon, G.G.

Specifications for the loupe are:
Magnification: 2.3 X
Working distance: 10.9 inches
Field of view: 2 inches
Weight: 10 ounce
Frame: Durable,
metal alloy
The Galilean Telescopic Loupe, made by Zeiss, allows users to view subject matter three-dimensionally. Courtesy of King’s Ransom, Sausalito, CA.

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