Professional Jeweler Archive: Piercing Beauty

February 2000

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Piercing Beauty

A gemstone and its setting become one in an innovative design

Often jewelry settings are afterthoughts, meant to accentuate the beautiful gemstones they surround. A unique product by Artelle Designs, Minneapolis, MN, synergizes setting and stone with specially-cut gemstones that literally become part of the pendant.

Piercettes™ are triangular gold pendants with platinum wire attached by a patent-pending process to the top and bottom of a notch at the pendant’s point. Using Artelle’s exclusive gemstone cuts – the off-center Stratus Cut with conical buff tops and Snowflake Cuts – the cutter drills a hole through the gemstone and runs the platinum wire through the hole, allowing the gem to dangle. These custom cuts create optimum sparkle and unusual-looking landscapes in the gemstones as they tremble on the wearer’s neck.

The design is available with a variety of gemstones, including diamond, garnet, amethyst, citrine, pink and green tourmaline, aquamarine and yellow beryl.

Artelle is introducing a commercially priced line also.

  • Artelle Designs, Minneapolis, MN; (800) 936-3456.

– by Stacey King

Artelle Designs’ Piercettes™ pendant dangles a rhodolite garnet on a platinum wire inserted through a hole in the gemstone.

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