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February 2000

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Branding: Leave an Impression

Do you know how branding your business can affect your sales?

The dictionary says a brand is a mark or an impression. When cowboys branded cattle, they used a hot iron. Today, to brand your business, you use different methods – a lot of them, but you’re still doing the same thing.

Branding makes the whole picture of your business consistent. Branding is not just one item – changing your advertising is not the same as branding, though advertising is a component. Branding also involves coordinating your message so everything works with the image you want to project.

Think of branding your business like planning a meal. Jell-O salad, caviar, liver and onions and mint ice cream are all wonderful. But put together, they make a strange meal.

Instead, you choose your foods so they work in harmony. Your meal and the presentation leave a coordinated impression of who you are on those who dine with you.

The Details

You also have to consider where you’ll get the food (supermarket or gourmet shop) and how you’ll present it (casual plates or fine china). You must pay attention to details in every step of the process so your guests get a singular impression of you.

Branding your retail business has the same challenges. If the elements that make up your jewelry business aren’t consistent and don’t work well together, your customers could be confused.

For example, imagine what would happen if you advertise you are the source for colored gemstones, but you stock mainly diamonds. Customers looking for colored gemstones could feel misled, shop elsewhere and not come back to you for diamonds. In this case, the components of advertising, store inventory and image are out of sync.

Benefit from Your Brands

By making all your elements work together and giving your business a complete, consistent image, you attract and keep valued customers. This is where branding can bring you great rewards.

Today’s consumers are comfortable with brands because they know what to expect from branded merchandise. This is one of your goals – customer comfort – because it results in sales and creates repeat customers. These are the benefits that good branding can bring to your business. Know what you want your message to be. Know what image you are trying to create and refer back to that image in everything you do in your store.

Next month: We’ll look at how Jewelers of America recently coordinated its brand to help jewelers present their JA membership to the public consistently.

–by Caroline Stanley, Marketing/Communications Director, Jewelers of America

Branding Components Checklist

One part of branding is consistency. Do all these elements work together to promote your store’s image? (These are only a few!)

Advertising (radio, print, TV, Yellow Pages)

Appraisal Forms


Business Cards/Stationery

Giftwrap (paper/boxes/stickers)

Giveaways (jewelry cleaner/polishing cloths)

Hold Message

In-Store signs

Sales Associate Attitude, Dress and Knowledge Base

Sales tickets


Store Logo/Tagline

Storefront Signs

Thank-You Envelopes

Web Site

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