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February 2000

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Perfect in Platinum

Colored gemstones have an extra sparkle when set in white metal, as shown by these winners from the Platinum Honors competition

Mostly cool colors – with a sprinkling of yellow – define the 16 winning designs in the Platinum Honors division of the Spectrum Awards,™ sponsored by the American Gem Trade Association and Platinum Guild International USA Jewelry Ltd.

Entries were judged in three retail price categories on effective use of material, overall beauty and wearability, innovation in design, quality of the gems and quality of the workmanship. The jewelry had to be composed with a minimum of 75% platinum. Judges were Gary Gordon of Samuel Gordon Jewelers, Oklahoma City, OK; Alishan Halebian of Alishan Designer Jewelry, Irvine, CA; and Jill Newman, U.S. correspondent for Basel Magazine and a contributing editor of the Robb Report.

Division 1 (Over $10,000)

Mark Schneider
Schneider Design Studio, Long Beach, CA; (800) 452-5804.

Ring features an 11.87-ct. triangle tanzanite, two round pink sapphires and 2.77 carats of diamonds.

Holly K. Croft
Holly K. Croft Designs, Beverly Hills, CA; (310) 657-7031.

The 10.38-ct. indicolite tourmaline in this platinum ring features an emerald modified blossom cut. The gem was supplied by Arthur Lee Anderson. Also credited for the ring: Mirjam Butz-Brown and Jacalyn Buettner, Washington, DC.

Dalan Jay Hargrave
Hargrave Mfg., San Antonio, TX; (210) 344-8580.

Platinum and 18k gold brooch features golden beryl, chrome diopside, Mexican opal and diamonds.

Division 2 ($5,001 to $10,000 Retail)

Ellie Thompson
Ellie Thompson & Co., Chicago, IL; (312) 263-2264.

A 4.04-ct. rubellite tourmaline tops this ring. The band holds 12 blue sapphires totaling 0.35 carat, 12 yellow sapphires totaling 0.30 carat and 16 diamonds totaling 0.32 carat.

Sessin Durgham
Jack Siebert Goldsmith & Jeweler, Columbus, OH; (614) 486-4653.

Platinum cuff bracelet features a 1.75-ct. blue sapphire in 18k yellow gold and round diamond accents totaling 0.05 carat.

Gordon Aatlo
Norma Jewelers, San Carlos, CA; (650) 593-7528.

A 2.26-ct. triangle tsavorite garnet centers this ring, accented with a 0.25-ct. princess-cut diamond and 0.29 carat of smaller round diamonds.

Llyn L. Strelau
Jewels By Design, Calgary, Alberta, Canada; (403) 228-0644.

Platinum and 18k yellow gold brooch features a 21-ct. spectrolite moon face, eight triangle brilliant green/yellow sapphires totaling 2.0 carats and eight brilliant blue/green tourmalines totaling 2.0 carats. Gems cut by Janusz Meier.

Division 3 ($2,501 to $5,000 Retail)

Stephen Ramsey
Ramsey's Creative Elements, Cape Coral, FL; (941) 945-1055.

Platinum and 18k yellow gold pendant cradles a 3.16-ct. kite-shaped chrome tourmaline and holds 0.08 carat of round diamonds and 0.90 carat of yellow sapphires. Gem supplier: Mayer & Watt.

Brian Sholdt
Sholdt Design, Seattle, WA;
(206) 682-2334.

Platinum earrings hold princess-cut aquamarines totaling 6.11 carats, six round aquamarines totaling 0.94 carat and two 2mm-9mm akoya cultured pearl drops.

John Dommes
Dommes & Dommes, San Ramon, CA (925) 362-0362.

Chalcedony totaling 6.25 carats wraps around the corners of this ring. Diamond accents total 0.14 carat.

Division 4 ($1,001 to $2,500 Retail)

Nicholas Tentas
Nicholas Designs, Naples, FL; (941) 261-9135.

Ring features a 2.35-ct. fan-shaped rubellite tourmaline and diamonds totaling 0.38 carat.

Kathrin Schonke
Siegfried Becker USA, Honolulu, HI; (808) 951-5735.

An emerald rests in the curve of this platinum and 18k gold brooch/pendant with 0.08 carat of diamond accents in the corners. Also credited for the piece: Siegfried Becker, Pforzheim, Germany.

Terese Millmann
Cabochon Gems & Designs, Milwaukee, WI; (414) 963-9914.

A 1.23-ct. round mint grossular garnet rests in this platinum ring with a cut-out design.

Division 5 (Up to $5,000)

Susan Drake
Drake Designs Inc., Blowing Rock, NC; (828) 295-6880.

Platinum and 18k gold ring is topped with a 0.35-ct. cone-shaped spessartite garnet. Also credited for the ring: Rance Singleton, Technical Services.

Linda McGill
Jewelsmith Inc., Durham, NC; (919) 266-2990.

9mm Chinese freshwater cultured pearls center these platinum triangle earrings with platinum drops.

Dale D. Hurt
Gold-N-Designs, Lee's Summit, MO; (816) 246-1935.

Platinum and 18k yellow gold pendant starts with a 0.70-ct. blue sapphire and ends with a 0.71-ct. yellow sapphire, with 0.17 carats of diamond accents breaking out of the circle. Bryan Brown is also credited for the piece.

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