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January 2000

Diamond News

Pick a Word and Brand Your Store Too

Jewelers shouldn't forget about branding themselves

Selling a brand has three keys, says Mark Moeller of R.F. Moeller Jeweler, St. Paul, MN. You might be surprised at the order.

"Selling a brand is number three," says Moeller. "Number one is sell yourself – sell your history, how long you've been in business. Number two, sell your store." Moeller, for example, stresses the quality assurance that comes with having 10 graduate gemologists and gemologist appraisers on staff.
"Then sell the brand," he says. Following this order builds a relationship with customers that will last, regardless of the brands you carry. Moeller spoke to jewelers about selling branded diamonds at a recent Hearts on Fire University training program.

When selling diamonds, pick out one descriptive word. "Use the word until you're sick of it," he says. "Soon your competition will start using it. But that helps you because [the public] associates you with that word. I use the word 'Ideal – the ideal diamond at the ideal price at the ideal store.'" He also suggests "perfect" and "unforgettable." Another example is Asprey & Garrard, the famous London jeweler that chose "Eternal" to brand its diamond offering by famed cutter Gabi Tolkowsky.

Moeller says 27% of the public buys on price alone. Some of these customers may be a lost cause with branded diamonds. But you'll never know until you try to sell them one. "Tell the customer, 'This is the most expensive product you can buy, and I'll tell you why it's worth what you'll pay."

by Jack Heeger

Retailer Asprey & Garrard chose "Eternal" to brand a new cut by famed cutter Gabi Tolkowsky.

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