Professional Jeweler Archive: Rorschach Test Inclusion

July 2000

Gemstones & Pearls/Gemology

Rorschach Test Inclusion

What do you see?

Bent over his microscope to peer into a customer’s amethyst ring, Wink Jones blinked and looked again. “It was just the darndest thing,” he says. “I was looking at a perfectly formed perfume bottle, complete with a fashionable stopper.” What Jones, of Winfield’s, Boise, ID, really saw was nature’s surprisingly realistic imitation of a human creation. The inclusion comprises a symmetrically arranged cluster of goethite needles, a form of titanium oxide. This inclusion can occur in most forms of quartz, particularly rock crystal and amethyst.

While Jones saw a perfume bottle, other viewers see a shaving brush or a broom. What do you see?

Despite the mounted amethyst being well-worn and the facet edges heavily abraded, the inclusion can still be examined easily using 30X or greater magnification. For the needle groups to show up in stark contrast, a combination of oblique and dark-field lighting was used here. The amethyst was photographed at 45X.

– by Robert Weldon, G.G.

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