Professional Jeweler Archive: What's Your Name Anyway?

July 2000


What's Your Name Anyway?

Many jewelers don't show off their names and logos enough, says one veteran of the packaging industry

Larry Johnson couldn’t help but notice the main topic of conversation at jewelry industry gatherings in the past year has been branding. As vice president of Presentation Box & Display, Pawtucket, RI, he got to thinking about how the products his company makes are all potential brand-builders.

One of the most common stories he heard from frustrated jewelers was the difficulty in establishing a store’s name in the minds of consumers in this age of information overload and growth in the number of advertising media. He even heard jewelers complain about customers who decided to buy something then, upon opening the checkbook, had to ask the name of the store.

“If customers can’t remember the name of the store they’re standing in now, how will they remember the name three months from now?” he wondered.

Presentation Box and Display has long offered products where a store name can be placed, but now it’s taking the branding message further by personalizing jewelry trays and other commonly generic display components with store names. It also can add the brand names of associations you belong to in an effort to reassure customers you are qualified to sell fine jewelry and gems.

“Jewelers should reinforce their brands and put their names where they can’t be missed,” Johnson says. “Put your name on the wall behind your counter, on all in-store signs, on many of your display elements and on the headers of your countertop displays,” he says. “Add your logo to your presentation pads and sales associates’ name tags and make sure your business cards are displayed prominently by the checkout.

“From now on, consider each time a customer asks for your store’s name at checkout to be a wake-up call that you didn’t get the name across well enough during your sales presentation.”

As far as Johnson is concerned, you can’t have your name displayed too many times. “Build your store name as though you were Nike, McDonald’s or De Beers,” he advises.

– by Peggy Jo Donahue

Jewelers should add their names to anything that doesn’t move in their stores, says Larry Johnson of Presentation Box and Display. Here, jewelers’ names are displayed prominently on a Presentation Box display piece as well as on the boxes and gift bag.

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