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July 2000

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Engrave it Yourself

New machines make it easy to perform digital photo engraving and photo imaging in your store

You already know how popular photo charm pendants and charms are. For years, companies such as Photo Scribe and Golden Graphics have made it possible for you to offer these highly personalized instant heirloom items to customers. You mail the photo to the company, which creates the piece and mails it back (“High-Tech Imaging,” Professional Jeweler, December 1999, p. 48).

Now Golden Graphics offers new machines that allow you to do digital photo engraving and color imaging in your store. The advantages of doing it yourself include:

  • Eliminating the delay of the mailing process and return shipment.
  • Increasing sales to take advantage of spontaneous purchases.
  • Saving up to 60% of the wholesale cost of outsourced photo charms. For example, a diamond-cut heart-shaped pendant is $126 keystone with the image done by Golden Graphics. It’s $56 keystone without the image.

How it Works

The GP-100 Digital photo engraver allows you to create a 14k PicturePendant™ from any photograph in just minutes. The introductory price is $2,995. Complete packages with configured PC and 14k inventory are also available. President Bernard Halpern says the engraver works on almost any flat charm or pendant, and his company offers a wide assortment of engravable items.

The GP-200 Color photo imager creates color 14k photo charms, also in minutes. The basic system starts at $5,995. It requires the use of Golden Graphic’s ImageReady™ 14k gold charms and requires some background or training in graphic arts. If you’re new to graphics, you can e-mail the photo to Golden Graphics, which will do the graphics work and e-mail it back to you for use with your system.

Both systems work with almost any PC and are designed to be easy to set up.

Package Options

Your options range from buying the basic equipment for the GP-100 system to arranging a turn-key franchise-type operation where Golden Graphics sets up the system, trains you in graphics training and provides a gold charm inventory for the GP-100 and GP-200. Equipment leases are available also.

Example: A $9,995 option includes the GP-200 color photo imager, full set up and training, and an inventory of 14k gold ImageReady™ charms that will retail for $10,000. Once the initial inventory of charms is sold, the system has paid for itself. The number of charms varies depending on the styles you chose.

  • Golden Graphics, New York City; (800) 595-2105.

– by William H. Donahue Jr.

Golden Graphics sells equipment so you can do your own digital photo engraving and photo imaging.

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