Professional Jeweler Archive: Hot for Hoops

July 2000

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Hot for Hoops

Entice any women with the wide range of sizes and interpretations of this earring style

Big, bold hoop earrings help any woman make a fun, sexy statement, and they’re all the rage among starlets and fashionistas. Smaller, more demure versions sell well to more conservative women who want just a touch of the glamour they see on film and music stars and models.

Whether big or small, trendy or not, hoop earrings are a basic part of any good jewelry collection. “Hoops are a perfect jewelry category that fits all market niches,” says Ellie Thompson, owner/designer of Ellie Thompson & Co., Chicago, IL.

As for style, high polished or mesh hoops are classic. Hinged hoops, which are flatter and squared off, continue to be popular.

Weight is another issue. “Women over 30 want a light, sturdy earring for comfort,” says Patricia Liquard, president of Esslinger & Co., St. Paul, MN. To accommodate this demand, hollow tubing and electroforming work well, as do styles with empty space within the design.

– by Lorraine M. Suermann, A.J.P.

Two-tone 14k earrings are $59-$119 suggested retail.

South Dakota Gold, Rapid City, SD; (800) 523-4209, fax (800) 348-7087.

Hoop earrings are each available in 14k yellow, white or tricolor gold. Suggested retail, $59-$181.

Stuller, Lafayette, LA; (318) 837-4100, fax (318) 981-1655,,

Free-form electroform hoops have a seamless body and sit high on the ear. Keystone, $120.

Silber’s Inc., Houston, TX; (800) 745-2377 or (713) 784-6226, fax (888) 745-2377 or (713) 784-0396.

10k tricolor gold hoops are $306.50 retail.

Stamper Black Hills Gold Jewelry, Rapid City, SD; (800) 843-8753 or (605) 342-0751, fax (605) 343-9783.

18k white or yellow gold hoop earrings.

Roberto Coin, New York City; (212) 486-4545.

These hoops come in various sizes in tricolor or yellow gold.

Charles Garnier, Cranston, RI; (800) 722-3721 or (401) 946-3444, fax (401) 946-0044.

0.50 carat of round diamonds are bezel-set in these platinum earrings. Suggested retail, $4,300.

Ellie Thompson & Co., Chicago, IL; (877) ELLIE-88 or (312) 263-2264, fax (312) 263-2246.

Three distinctive styles of sterling silver hoops are $10-$60 suggested retail.

The Cargo Hold, Charleston, SC; (800) 845-6964, fax (843) 722-1377,

14k gold hoop earrings with different textures are $80-$100 suggested retail.

Esslinger & Co., St. Paul, MN; (800) 328-0205, fax (800) 548-9304.

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