Professional Jeweler Archive: Demand Pushes Platinum Higher

July 2000

Precious Metals & Bench/Data & Statistics

Demand Pushes Platinum Higher

Gold and silver commodity prices maintain levels


1999 2000

Gold prices continue around $280 per ounce, where they’ve been for most of the past year. With manufacturers now buying the gold they’ll use for holiday orders, you can plan to promote gold jewelry at prices similar to last year’s.


1999 2000

With the exception of a brief plunge when a Russian producer announced it would resume shipments, the price of platinum remains about $150 higher than last year because of high demand and limited supply.


1999 2000

Except for a brief runup in late January-early February, silver prices have ranged very close to $5 per ounce this year. If you haven’t taken advantage of the increasing amount of well-designed silver jewelry available, this could be the year.

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