Professional Jeweler Archive: Four Classic Styles of Chain

June 2000

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Four Classic Styles of Chain

This is ninth in a series of articles Professional Jeweler is presenting on different styles of jewelry. Learning about different styles, selling points and their origins can make your job more interesting and profitable

San Marco

This San Marco style is made with the stampato method of manufacturing. Stampato, Italian for stamped out, involves pressing a mold into a thin sheet of precious metal. The stamped sections are hand-soldered with a flat back or with a duplicate piece to form three-dimensional designs. This jewelry is hollow and lightweight; because it can dent easily, advise wearers to be careful with it.

Sterling silver stampato San Marco bracelet.

Expressions by Sayed, Dallas, TX; (214) 748-3275.


This chain has oval links that are twisted so they lie flat. Curb chain comes in many varieties and, depending on size and closeness of the links, can be called closed curb, medium curb or open curb. The links also can be graduated, tapering slightly from the largest to smallest.

14k gold curb chain.

Silber’s Inc., Houston, TX; (800) SILBERS or (713) 784-6226, fax (888) SILBERS or (713) 784-0396,

Nails Head

Also called a Tiger’s Eye, this flexible style’s flat, square sections are joined by what looks like the head of a nail.

14k two-tone classic nails head is 16 inches long. Suggested retail, $410.

Brooks Metals, Pittsburgh, PA; (800) 214-1516 or (412) 434-6007, fax (412) 434-6017.


Also known as a ball chain, this chain is made from thin flat stock or tubing formed into beads. The beads are connected internally by wire formed into small dumbbell shapes that hold the beads together and allow flexibility. Bead chain sizes range from 0.08mm to 5mm.

9-in. bead chain is crafted in sterling silver.

Peter Stone, Selbyville, DE; (302) 436-0200, fax (302) 436-0300.

– by Lorraine M. Suermann

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