Professional Jeweler Archive: Crystal Cures, Part 2

June 2000

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Crystal Cures, Part 2

We continue our look at gems as medicine

Whether chromatic rays from colored gems can eliminate the symptoms of physical ailments is open to discussion. But it makes for interesting conversation with customers. Marcella Sapanora of the University of Pisa in Italy developed gem therapy based on another alternative discipline, floritherapy, developed by British homeopath Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s. Here are some symptoms, the plants Bach recommended to treat them and the gems Sapanora suggests for the same symptoms.


Plant treatment: Beech.
Gem treatments:
Turquoise, to relax the mind and body; malachite, to understand your limits and those of others; pink quartz, to instill tolerance; and pink and white coral, to free yourself from wickedness.

Inability to say no

Plant treatment: Centaury.
Gem treatments:
Sapphire, to stimulate responsibility to yourself; obsidian, to protect hypersensitive people; and garnet, to stimulate the will.

Lack of trust in your decisions

Plant treatment: Cerato.
Gem treatments:
Chrysocolla, to encourage metal clarity; rhodochrosite, to stimulate self-respect; citrine, to help make choices; and rock crystal, to stimulate development of potential.

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