Professional Jeweler Archive: Color, Color Everywhere

June 2000


Color, Color Everywhere

Will the interest in orange, yellow, red, green and bright blue spread to jewelry stores also?

The color trend launched by Apple Computer’s iMac has spread to other appliances, so jewelers everywhere hope the color explosion will take off in gemstones too.

Makers of cameras, VCRs and TV sets all introduced products at the recent Consumer Electronics Show with colors that mimic the rainbow. Samsung Electronics, for example, offers orange and blue cameras, and blue, red and green VCRs. Under the Yahoo! brand, Sakar International sells computer mice in seven colors and keyboards in three.

And Zenith is marketing as “kids’ TVs” a series of 19-inch sets with rounder, chrome and colored-plastic bodies. One is dubbed “camouflage” because it mixes green, white and tan.

“This industry has tried to get away from black before, but it never took,” says Michael Koss, CEO of Koss Corp., which has five new colors for headphones. “Now everyone’s trying to be like iMac.”

– by Mark E. Dixon

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