Professional Jeweler Archive: Use Flooring to Invite and Direct Traffic

June 2000


Use Flooring to Invite & Direct Traffic

What's underfoot can affect a customer's image of your store

Does your floor say “come” or “go”? By unwittingly choosing the latter, many retailers set up obstacles that turn away their best customers – those already in the store.

Some turnoffs:

  • Wood flooring that’s laid parallel to the entrance, creating a psychological barrier.
  • Carpet that’s laid so its pattern points toward the door.
  • Carpets without padding, making it less comfortable to walk on.

Traffic Flow

Type of flooring also represents an opportunity to direct shoppers from department to department and sale to sale, says Chain Store Age magazine.

“Just as cars follow the lines on the highway, shoppers follow the lines on the floor of a store” says Richard Goodman, president of Associated/ACC International. “Pretty simple. But how many retailers think of the floor as the road through their stores?”

Flooring also can suggest different feelings in different departments of a store: casual here, formal there. And flooring will be seen because most people walk through a store with their eyes focused down rather than up.

– by Mark E. Dixon

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