Professional Jeweler Archive: Someone to Watch Over You

June 2000


Someone to Watch Over You

Tracking the traveling sales rep just got easier with a new product called Security Track

R etail jewelers can equip themselves with alarms, mantraps, security cameras and guards to protect them and their businesses. Unfortunately, the traveling jewelry sales representative has a more limited number of security options. In fact, crime rates against these traveling reps are so high and costly that some experts fear that without additional security, the days of a visiting salesperson and trunk shows are numbered.

A new product may help solve these problems. Security Track LLC has developed a series of tracking devices to keep tabs on any person or asset in the U.S. and Canada. Elie Ribacoff, president of Security Track, says he understands the risks faced on the road. He has been a diamond dealer and has traveled for 20 years to visit manufacturers and retailers. “Security is a major concern when traveling, I was always worried about my line,” he says. “I had nightmares of being robbed while on the road.”

According to the Jewelers’ Security Alliance, store robberies are down but armed robbery of traveling jewelers are way up. With mounting losses, insurers are raising premiums, making it ever more expensive to provide sales calls. “Security Track was developed to provide an additional and essential layer of security,” says Ribacoff. “In the event of a loss or theft, the asset can be tracked and recovered quickly. No other product on the market offers this chance for recovery, he says.

Security Track was developed by Ribacoff and Harry Grossman, an electrical engineer. “It’s only with a thorough understanding of the jewelry business and state-of-the-art tracking and communications technology that a product like Security Track could be developed,” says Grossman. “The intricacies of developing a tracking device that is invisible, automatic and operational under a wide range of adverse conditions, including indoor and outdoor locations, was a challenge. We are proud to produce this product that adds a much-needed security and deterrent factor to the jewelry industry.”


Security Track has been extensively tested, and its tracking signal has been received successfully from indoor locations such as homes and automobiles and from remote outdoor locations such as highways and other isolated areas.

JSA President John Kennedy tested a Security Track unit, as have jewelers who travel frequently. One jeweler traveled through three midwestern states, and Security Track was able to track his whereabouts accurately.

How does it work? Security Track maintains a tight lip about its clients and the actual operating parameters of the Security Track System. In fact, secrecy is a good policy for anyone who travels. “Secrecy is an essential part of the overall security plan of the traveling jeweler,” says Ribacoff. “One should not disclose his travel plans, security arrangements or schedule to outsiders. To do so leaves the jeweler vulnerable at certain points.” The fewer people who know a traveling jeweler’s itinerary, the less chance he or she will be followed.


In the event a jeweler is followed and robbed, authorities agree the victim should give up the merchandise without resistance. Get a good description of the assailants and their vehicle, then call the police. Ribacoff says Security Track users also should call the Security Track Monitoring Center.

Chances are excellent the line can be recovered within 15 minutes, says Ribacoff. For more information, stop by the Security Track booth (Booth 4050) at the JCK International Jewelry Show in Las Vegas.

Security Track maintains complete secrecy as to how traveling sales reps and their lines are tracked.

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