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June 2000

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Oscar's Jewels

Dramatic jewelry on legends and starlets proves the curtain’s down on minimalism

Ball gowns and big jewelry dominated the Academy Awards this spring, setting the stage for a return to overstated glamour through the rest of the year. Banished were the demure pearl and delicate diamond creations of years past in favor of beads, big diamonds and even some ethnic-inspired creations.


Hilary Swank, recipient of the Best Actress Oscar, also received, on loan from Asprey & Garrard, an 1890 diamond choker created for one of Queen Victoria’s daughters. The company reacquired the $250,000 necklace just two weeks before the Oscars. On a practical note, the choker can also be turned into a tiara. Swarovski created the evening bag Swank carried the day before the ceremony and delivered it via the Concorde on Sunday.

Jane Fonda also went big with a pearl and filigree necklace and matching pearl drops. Cate Blanchett matched ethnic and ancient-inspired gold jewelry from Cynthia Bach on her wrists and upper arm with her Jean-Paul Gaultier dress. The dress was adorned with a metal back that complemented the jewelry. There was a slight problem when the metal back broke, and Bach had to weld it back together the night before the ceremony.

Cross to Bear

Cher was back, wearing a gothic cross on the front of her surprisingly understated dress. The placement of the cross, though, was vintage Cher – it dangled dangerously south of her navel. Chloë Sevigny also donned a cross – a big circa 1810 Maltese piece.

What to Know

When customers come in to adorn themselves for their own big nights out, take your cues from the stars’ style notes. Bigger jewelry, especially necklaces, sets the direction to follow this year. And crosses, again big and ornate, are fit for your funkier customers.

– by Liz Smutko

Hilary Swank
Jane Fonda
Cate Blanchett

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