Professional Jeweler Archive: Three-Stone Circus

March 2000


Three-Stone Circus

De Beers’ agency announces a marketing campaign for a venerable diamond jewelry style

De Beers hopes to light a fire under sales of a jewelry store staple – the three-diamond ring – by rechristening it the three-diamond anniversary ring. The new category is the subject of an advertising campaign launched in January. De Beers and its agency, J. Walter Thompson, say the campaign can:

  • Create a reason for consumers to buy another piece of diamond jewelry.
  • Increase the average price paid for a piece of diamond jewelry.

Anniversaries often mark the first time a husband and wife buy diamond jewelry after their wedding. In fact, the diamond anniversary band (a full or half circle of diamonds) is a popular gift on the 10th wedding anniversary. Now that one in three married women in America owns a diamond anniversary band, De Beers wants to promote an additional anniversary gift opportunity. The three-diamond ring will be promoted in all diamond shapes and for all anniversaries, not just milestones such as the 10th or 25th anniversary.

JWT interviewed women and learned they view anniversaries as a way for couples to remember the past, celebrate the present and look forward to the future. The three diamonds in the rings represent each of these facets of the anniversary celebration, which is the central message of the new campaign. Here’s a look at each aspect of the campaign.


A TV commercial that debuted in January features a couple watching their own wedding video in an empty theater, a surprise planned by the husband, who then presents his wife with the ring. Two versions (45 seconds and 30 seconds) will air extensively on network television and cable throughout 2000 and beyond.


De Beers also will build on its 1999 Evolution campaign for women, featuring the shadowy photography of Albert Watson. A new series of these ads that emphasize the three-diamond ring started in the first quarter of the year in magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair and Martha Stewart Living.

In addition, the Seize the Day campaign aimed at men the past two Christmases will now run all through 2000 to trigger anniversary purchases. The ads began in the February issues of magazines such as GQ, Business Week and Fortune.

Jewelers’ Role

JWT says jewelry retailers will play a crucial role in promoting the three-diamond anniversary ring. “Empowering retailers to maximize the potential of the three-diamond anniversary ring is an essential component of this initiative,” says Lynn Diamond, executive director of the Diamond Promotion Service, New York City. The DPS also believes the three-diamond anniversary ring can tie in with retailers’ millennium diamond promotions this year.

In early February, jewelers across the country received a three-diamond anniversary ring toolbox. It features sample quantities of in-case tent cards, postcards and a counter card – all echoing the ad campaign – plus a catalog of new material jewelers can buy to support the ring, including a CD-ROM of product photography. DPS also devised an education program for the three-diamond ring, including training guides for the retail manager and sales team. For information, call your regional DPS director or check the DPS Web site (see below).

  • Diamond Promotion Service, New York City; (800) 370-6789,

–by Robert Weldon, G.G., and Peggy Jo Donahue

De Beers will continue its Evolution campaign to promote the three-diamond anniversary ring to women (below) and men (right).

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