Professional Jeweler Archive: Diamonds of the World Unite

March 2000


Diamonds of the World Unite

Winners of the Diamonds-International Awards 2000 create everything from the sublime to the absurd. It’s the most over-the-top contest in the diamond world

From wild headpieces to Edwardian-inspired neckwear, winners of Diamonds-International Awards 2000 prove outrageous fortune isn’t out of style. Awards in the De Beers competition were presented at the Louvre during Haute Couture week in Paris in January.

Judges were Joan Juliet Buck, editor in chief of Vogue France; André Leon Talley, editor at large for Vogue USA; Albert Watson of the U.S., who often photographs De Beers’ contest winners; and Sergio Salerni of Italy, whose claim to fame was not revealed.

Sixteen countries are represented in the 2000 collection, with five winners from Japan; three each from Italy, Brazil and India; two each from the U.S., France and South Africa; and one each from Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, South Korea, Mexico, United Arab Emirates and England.


John Calleija

“Virtual Eros” white gold mask is set with 219 diamond totaling 43.9 carats.


Peter Quijo

Yellow and white gold architectural bracelet has 128 compass diamonds weighing 58 carats.

Sponsors: Joaillerie Quijo F&P Bvba and K.r.i.s. Diamond Manufacturers.


Marga Premen

“Oceanic Love” white gold and platinum “coral” necklace features 166 diamonds weighing almost 27 carats.

Sponsor: Talento Jóias.

Sonaya Cajueiro De Gouvea

White gold and crystal earrings hold 86 diamonds weighing 9.64 carats.

Sponsor: Talento Jóias.

Bialice Duarte

Yellow and white gold filigree necklace features 422 diamonds totaling 29.78 carats.

Sponsor: Amsterdam Sauer.

Hong Kong

Dora Tam

White gold headdress sparkles with 2,881 diamonds weighing 117.04 carats.

Sponsor: Samuel Kung Co. Ltd.


Cornelia Rating

Platinum and coal necklace set with 1,528 black and white diamonds weighing 71.8 carats.

Sponsors: Hahn Söhne and H. Gilroy & Söhne.


Dieter Huebner

Platinum grid collar has 2,000 diamonds weighing 67.96 carats.

Sponsor: Brinkhaus Jewellers.


Germaine Esteban

Platinum ring showcases 547 brilliant-cut diamonds weighing 3.6 carats.

Sponsors: Eric Landau, Société Sopafonte, Poli Christi.

Sarl Xavier de Fraissinette

“Eclipse” necklace features 28 discs of white and yellow gold linked with titanium and pavéd with 2,408 yellow princess-cut and white brilliant-cut diamonds weighing 114. 96 carats.

Sponsor: Raymond Bloch.


Reena Thakur

White gold necklace has 2,409 diamonds weighing 196.56 carats.

Sponsor: M/S Mahendra Bros.

Kriti Soni

Platinum and gold necklace is set with 847 diamonds weighing 88.24 carats.

Sponsor: Shrenuj & Co.

Khaiyam Jaliwala

White gold multistrand choker features 1,414 diamonds weighing 132.94 carats.

Sponsor: Intergold-M.K.S.


Flavia Diamanti

White gold bracelet is set with 1,890 diamonds weighing 60 carats.

Sponsor: Cotogno Gioielli.

Patrizia Pinto

Platinum ring features three diamonds totaling 5.84 carats.

Sponsor: Fulvio Maria Scavia.

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Giorgio Grassi Damiani

White gold serpentine bracelet has 559 diamonds weighing 96.94 carats.

Sponsor: Casa Damiani.


Manami Makigaya

Platinum hair cone is covered with 288 diamonds weighing 5.8 carats.

Sponsor: Abe Jewellery Co. Ltd.

Yoko Furukawa

White and pink gold strand necklace has 403 diamonds weighing 24.56 carats.

Sponsor: Tasaki Shinju Co. Ltd.

Eriko Ishizaka

Platinum lace choker is set with 2,011 brilliant-cut diamonds weighing 95.05 carats.

Sponsor: Tasaki Shinju Co. Ltd.

Yumiko Matsuda

Platinum and red lacquer flexible necklace features 823 diamonds weighing 22.87 carats.

Sponsor: Tasaki Shinju Co. Ltd.

Kazuko Utsumi

Flexible platinum necklace has 1,214 brilliant-cut diamonds weighing 98.91 carats.

Sponsor: Tasaki Shinju Co. Ltd.

South Korea

Park Eun Sun

Platinum pin/necklace drizzles with 132 brilliant and star diamonds totaling 5.07 carats.

Sponsor: Goino.


Sergio Berger

White gold and nylon thread necklace holds 22,000 diamonds totaling 140 carats.

Sponsor: Berger Joyeros.

United Arab Emirates

Tamjid Abdullah

White gold mask features 450 diamonds weighing 57.52 carats.

Sponsor: Damas Jewellery.

South Africa

Kevin Friedman

Ndebele bead and diamond choker features a 4.18-ct. emerald-cut center diamond and 684 additional diamonds totaling 31.46 carats.

Sponsor: Frankli Wild.

David Muller

Flexible platinum bracelet is set with 102 carats of trilliant-cut diamonds weighing 43.78 carats.

Sponsor: Gembel European Sales N.V.

United States

Kyriakos Somos

Platinum pin features 406 diamonds, including a 1.01 carat princess-cut and 11 carats of melee.

Sponsor: Somos Creations.

Martin Gruber

Platinum and gold necklace holds 956 baguette diamonds weighing 103.2 carats and a champagne pear-shaped diamond weighing 5.21 carats.

Sponsor: Nova.


Slim Barrett

Gold chain mail necklace is set with 336 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 93.24 carats.

Sponsor: Clark Diamonds Ltd.

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