Professional Jeweler Archive: Big Yellow

March 2000


Big Yellow

Get more bang for your buck – in the phone book

Think you’re doing fine with your free one-line listing in the local Yellow Pages? Think again. Some retail jewelers say the business directory, a staple in every consumer’s home, is their most successful resource for generating new business.

The Yellow Pages Publishers Association studied the way consumers use the directory, including what they look for when they turn to the “Jewelers-Retail” category. The average adult refers to the Yellow Pages 1.8 times per week and looks at an average of 5.3 ads before deciding who to call. YPPA says 33.3 million consumers look at the “Jewelers-Retail” heading each year, making it the 88th most-seen of 4,200 categories.

Of consumers who open the Yellow Pages:

  • 61% who look for jewelers want a local business.
  • 70% are in “decision mode.”
  • 70% want new ideas.
  • 62% look at more than one ad.
  • 46% look for store hours.
  • 33% want information about a business’ products and services.
  • 13% want to know a business location.

The findings suggest you should emphasize your years of service and your store’s accessibility. Include hours, services offered and directions. Use “call to action” wording or offer a free cleaning if customers refer to the Yellow Pages ad when they come to your store.

YPPA also recommends a formula to decide how profitable a Yellow Pages listing or display ad can be. Keep track of how many calls you get from customers who found you in the directory, plus how many of those calls resulted in sales and the average gross profit from each sale. Total the gross profit from these sales, then subtract the amount you spent on your Yellow Pages ad. This is your overall net profit gain from Yellow Pages advertising.

– by Stacey King

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