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March 2000

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Colors of Gold

When yellow alone isn’t

Gold comes in a rainbow of colors, each one of them providing an opportunity to please a customer who wants something different from what’s sold on every street corner and every home shopping program.

But customers who want this interesting jewelry also want to know details about it. Natural yellow gold takes on a new hue when alloyed with a sufficient amount of another metal. White gold, for example, has a high nickel or palladium content. Rose gold gets its color from copper; green gold from silver. Specialty colors – including blue and purple – go through a special process to get their final patina of color.

“A designer can create a picture by using the different colors in a shadowing technique,” says Melissa Shipley, designer/owner of Melissa Shipley Designs, Evergreen, CO.

The various colors are used also in stacking rings and bracelets. Yellow, white and rose are the most dramatic colors used this way. Green gold doesn’t hold up as well against white so it’s better with yellow, pink or by itself, says Aaron Henry Furlong, designer/owner of Aaron Henry Designs, Los Angeles, CA.

Mix the different colors of gold in your displays so customers can see the contrast. And show it on a neutral background, such as alabaster or light beige, to highlight the differences.

– by Lorraine M. Suermann

14k Goldenweave™ collection features intricately braided gold that contours to the shape of the neck. Available in yellow, white or tricolor gold in 4mm, 6mm or 8mm.

Royal Chain, New York City; (800) 622-0960, fax (800) 262-4246.

Large and small stacking branch rings come with or without diamonds in 18k white, rose and yellow gold. Suggested retail, $380-$1,670.

Aaron Henry Designs, Los Angeles, CA; (213) 623-4228, fax (213) 623-7891.

Each ring is crafted in a different color of gold and accented with diamonds.

Golan Fine Crafts Ltd., Bnei Brak, Israel; (972-3) 570-4111, fax (972-3) 570-4311.

10k ring and necklace are from the Rose collection. Each piece is accented with a pink rose and green leaves. From a collection that is $59-$109 suggested retail.

South Dakota Gold, Rapid City, SD; (800) 523-4209.

10k gold necklace is accented with 12k rose and green gold leaves set with peridot. Triple keystone, $303. Matching ring and earrings are available.

Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman, Rapid City, SD; (800) 874-9926 or (605) 394-3767, fax (605) 394-3719.

The Nucleus collection includes bangles in sterling silver and 18k pink, yellow or white gold. Bangles are $290 suggested retail in sterling, $1,600 in 18k gold. Matching rings are available for $275 in sterling, $1,480 in 18k.

Pedro Boregaard,New York City; (212) 826-3660, fax (212) 826-3722.

Handcrafted tricolor 10k gold grapes with 12k gold leaves adorn this pendant. From a collection that is $69-$269 suggested retail.

Mt. Rushmore Black Hills Gold, Rapid City, SD; (800) 658-3361 or (605) 343-2226, fax (605) 343-8653.

Men’s 10k gold bypass band is $139 retail.

Stamper Black Hills Gold, Rapid City, SD; (800) 843-8753.

Crafted in 18k pink and white gold, this orb is set with 0.92 carat of diamond pavé and glides on a white gold cable. Suggested retail, $999.

Palermo for Color Craft, New York City; (800) 321-5807 or (212) 840-1924, fax (212) 869-4216.

14k gold hand-braided rings are manufactured to the customer’s specifications. Keystone, $290-$390. Also available in platinum and 18k gold.

ESL Jewelers Inc., Miami, FL; (800) 255-3755 or (305) 374-2519, fax (305) 374-3518.

14k bands are each crafted in a different color of gold.

Melissa Shipley Designs, Evergreen, CO; (303) 679-6343.

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