Professional Jeweler Archive: Skill Practice in Selling Three-Stone Anniversary Ring

May 2000

For Your Staff/Selling Diamonds

Role-Play Cards: Skill Practice in Selling Three-Stone Anniversary Ring

Use these handy role-playing cards to teach each other how to sell De Beers’ new three-diamond anniversary ring

Role playing customer interactions is one of the best ways for sales associates to learn how to apply new selling skills. Yet many successful jewelers don’t have the time to create and use role plays effectively. The cards presented here are designed to clip and save. In coming months, we’ll introduce a series of cards, each with a different lesson. Clip, save and practice.

This set of skill practice cards is based on the new Diamond Promotion Service education program “How to Sell … Anniversary Diamonds,” which teaches how to sell the newly positioned three-diamond anniversary ring. This set of cards is in addition to the complete skill practice kit included in the DPS education package.

Three-Diamond Anniversary Ring

The three-diamond anniversary ring is poised to become a classic. The three-diamond ring has always been a popular style, but it has never been positioned as the perfect choice for celebrating a special anniversary – until now. The three-diamond ring offers a choice when selecting anniversary diamonds, and encourages the purchase of large, high-quality diamonds.

Past, Present, Future

Anniversary couples celebrate three things: the past and its memories, the present and a commitment to building the future together. The three diamonds represent these ideas.

Assigning the Roles

Use these cards in your sales training. One person plays the sales associate, a second is the customer and a third should observe the action. The cards for the sales associate and the customer have backgrounds for them to work from, and each has an objective that must be accomplished. The observer’s card has instructions for evaluating the sale and how to give constructive feedback.

– by Diane Warga-Arias, Education, Diamond Promotion Service

Role-Play Cards / Print and Save
(Print this page and cut out the cards below)

Skills to be Practiced: Past, Present, Future

Sales Associate Background
You are selling to a man in his early 30s. You’ve discovered the shopper’s name is Alex and that he’s looking for an eighth-wedding-anniversary gift for his wife, Donna.

You’ve already managed to get Alex to agree he appreciates all Donna does to support him in his career, while taking care of their two children and working full-time.

You’ve suggested a diamond would be the perfect gift to celebrate the successful partnership between this husand and wife, and you’re about to show Alex an exquisite three-diamond anniversary ring. As you hand him the ring, you can explain to him this is the ring most married women dream of receiving at some time in their lives.

Your Objective: Use the Past, Present, Future selling strategy to help Alex appreciate and value the symbolism of the three-stone diamond anniversary ring. Close the sale.

Skills to be Practiced: Past, Present, Future

Customer Background
You are Alex Broadmore, a 32-year-old accountant. Your eighth anniversary is Saturday, and you want to get your wife, Donna, a special gift. The sales associate got you thinking about how much you appreciate and depend on her support. You’ve been working long hours and traveling a lot recently. Donna has a demanding job of her own and almost total responsibility for your home and two children. The two of you are very happy though – your children are well-adjusted and doing well in school, and your careers are going well.

The two of you traveled a lot before the kids arrived, and you’ve arranged a romantic get-away this weekend. You want to give Donna the ring just as the sun sets on Saturday, sitting on the beach. The associate is about to show you a ring he/she thinks is perfect.

Your Objective: Help the sales associate practice by taking interest in the three-diamond anniversary ring symbolizing past, present, future. If the associate relates the symbolism, be enthusiastic. If he/she is persuasive, buy the ring.

Skills to be Practiced: Past, Present, Future

Observer/Answer Key
Did the associate . . .

Uncover key information about Alex and Donna that was not covered on the sales associate’s background card?

Effectively demonstrate the three-diamond anniversary ring?

Explain the symbolism of each diamond, one for the past, one for the present and one for the future?

Relate the symbolism of the three-diamond anniversary ring to what he or she found out about Alex and Donna and their relationship?

Close the sale while maintaining the feelings and emotion of the occasion?

Your assignment is to give specific feedback to the person acting as the sales associate. Focus on the use of the targeted skills and refer to the exact words the sales associate used in the demonstration. You may find it helpful to take notes. Avoid giving your own opinions until after you have given this objective feedback.

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