Professional Jeweler Archive: JVC Legal Guide Speaks English

May 2000

Managing/Legal Brief

JVC Legal Guide Speaks English

New book is a resource for every jeweler in today’s highly regulated and legally complex business world

The Jewelers Vigilance Committee has published a 41-page book titled Legal Compliance in Plain English that should become a must-read for every jeweler. Subtitled “A straightforward, easy-to-understand guide for jewelry professionals,” the book explains in plain language the laws and regulations governing the manufacture, sale and advertising of jewelry, according to an introduction by Cecilia Gardner, executive director and general counsel for JVC.

The book covers such federal laws as the National Gold and Silver Stamping Act, the Lanham Act (the statutory basis for the FTC Guides) and federal trademark and customs laws. Gardner recommends the book be used in conjunction with the JVC Legal Reference booklet, which includes the entire text of the statutes, laws and regulations covered in the new book. She stresses the importance of also familiarizing yourself with local consumer laws.

The new book is clearly written and explains the purpose behind the laws. Not surprisingly, almost any law or rule is easier to understand, remember and apply to your own situation if you understand why it was enacted in the first place. Gardner states the purpose right at the beginning: “The overarching theme of these federal regulations ... is to ensure that jewelry manufacturers and sellers do not mislead the buyers of their goods.”

While the JVC advocates business standards that go beyond the minimum requirements of the law, the book will help you answer the legal questions that arise in your business.

For information on the book or about becoming a member, contact JVC in New York City at (800) JOIN JVC or (212) 997-2002,

– by William H. Donahue Jr.

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