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May 2000

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Lock it Up

Link Lock™ is your link to securing profits from repair jobs and boosting jewelry sales

Not every jeweler offers – or even wants to offer – soldering services. But if a good customer needs a charm reattached to her expensive bracelet, where do you think she’ll go if you turn her away? You lose the repair business and risk losing a jewelry customer to a full-service jeweler. Link Lock™ may be the solution.

Link Lock is a new way to join jewelry without soldering. The device allows you to connect lobster claws, spring rings, lockets, charms, crosses, initials, safety chains – among other jewelry components – in a few moments in three steps:

  • Hold the Link Lock with a pair of pliers.
  • Use a second pair of pliers to close the link.
  • Turn the locking flap into position.

You can use Link Lock also as a sales tool to reassure customers who fear a charm or locket may fall off while being worn.

Link Lock is manufactured by Hallmark Sweet in sterling silver and 10k and 14k yellow and white gold in a variety of sizes and is sold only through wholesalers.

  • Hallmark Sweet, Attleboro, MA; (800) 225-2706.

Link Lock is designed as a quick and secure option for joining jewelry components without solder.
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