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May 2000

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RingGaurds Gaurantee a Perfect Fit

Device adjusts to five sizes

In a world of arthritic knuckles, sweaty athletes and yo-yo diets, it’s hard to keep your ring-wearing customers wearing, and more importantly, buying rings.

Now Esslinger & Co. introduces Perfect Fit RingGuards, which feature spring tension that self-adjusts to five ring sizes. When customers say they no longer wear rings because their finger sizes seem to fluctuate, advise them to choose a ring slightly larger than normal and then attach a Perfect Fit RingGuard. The ring can be adjusted down five sizes.

You need no technical expertise or bench facilities to attach the guard, says the company.

Esslinger sells Perfect Fit in a kit containing a demonstration solitaire ring; four small, two medium and one large 14k yellow goldplated guards; and two small white rhodium-finish guards. Small fits rings up to 3mm in width, medium up to 6mm, large up to 9mm. The kit costs $97. A small kit includes a demonstration solitaire and one small yellow guard for $17. Refills are $10 regardless of size.

  • Esslinger & Co., St. Paul, MN 55120; (800) 328-0205.

2. Cement in place, if necessary.
1. Bend tabs before assembling.
3. To adjust tension, hold the top wire firmly and gently push up (at the arrow) for stronger tension or down for lighter tension.

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