Professional Jeweler Archive: Madison Ave. Takes Shine to Jewelry

May 2000

Professional Insider/Trend Spotting

Madison Ave. Takes Shine to Jewelry

Ad agencies are using jewelry to sell an image of individuality

While fashion extravagance and a hot economy have made the world safe for loads of jewelry again, the image makers in advertising agencies are using jewelry to lend luxury and an upscale attitude to many other consumer products.

A few years ago, jewelry purchases were painted in an unflattering light – often in comparison to other things consumers could buy for the same cash outlay. All that’s changed.

The warm makeup colors in Revlon’s ad are complemented by the coral necklace around model Halle Berry’s neck. The color of the necklace highlights Berry’s lips, eyes and nails perfectly. Without the jewelry, the ad wouldn’t be nearly as effective.

Notice how Nordstrom is reinventing its own image using the diamond in the suede-clad model’s navel. It’s helping consumers look past its reputation for service to seeing it as a place for edgier fashion.

Pontiac picks up the luster of pearls in its beautifully photographed ad for its Bonneville – it’s no accident the car has the same dramatic lighting and color as the sumptuous black pearl.

So jewelry’s back in style again as a way to convey the value of other merchandise. As others use it to sell their products, they help sell jewelry too.

– by Liz Smutko

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