Professional Jeweler Archive: Watch Production Drops in Japan

May 2000

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Watch Production Drops in Japan

Domestic sales also fall

In Japan, where watch trends often begin, production and domestic sales fell, led by lower demand for digital watches among young consumers last year.

On the upside, consumers in Japan bought many more light-powered and other battery-free watches, perpetual calendar watches and “radio-controlled” watches.

Swiss watches were more popular, with exports to Japan rising 6.7% in value.


Time in Japan (in units)

kk Color kk
% change
Total Watch Production
117 million 88 million -25%
Quartz Analog Production 689 million 643 million -7%
Quartz Digital Production 52 million 45 million -13%
Mechanical Watches 6 million 5 million -17%
Movements (All Types)
630 million 605 million -4 %

Source: Japan Clock & Watch Association, compiled by Citizen Watch Co

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