Professional Jeweler Archive: The Second Time Around

November 2000


The Second Time Around

Spring will usher in new sales opportunities

Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and graduations form the core of the second selling season.
The romance (Valentine’s Day), love/guilt (Mother’s Day and Father’s Day) and joy/financial freedom (graduation) attached to these holidays will spur many gift-givers into spending significant amounts of money.

To capture these post-Christmas dollars, however, you should have compelling merchandise, attention-getting ad campaigns and effective in-store merchandising.

The gifts on these pages offer some merchandise ideas for these occasions. But the ball is in your court for promotions. Though you’re in the midst of that “other” selling season right now, take a morning to work on your spring ad campaign and brainstorm with your staff members on how to promote these items.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Valentine’s Day. Stay heart-smart by decorating your windows and display cases with festive pink, red and white hearts to direct customers to Valentine’s Day jewelry. For a classic look, consider red and pink roses draped with a heart necklace or bracelet. If you have a sweet tooth, buy a heart-shaped box of chocolate and decorate each piece of candy with small earrings or a ring.

Mother’s Day. Flowers make a beautiful statement. Decorate a spring bouquet with jewelry (see the covers of Professional Jeweler June 1998, September 1999 and March 2000 for ideas on using flowers). Or open an old family photo album or scrapbook to a page that shows a mother and her children and drape it with a classic locket. Vintage baby clothes with family jewelry will attract the eye as well.

Father’s Day. This June holiday is just in time for golf and fishing. Wrap a watch around a golf club head or head cover. Scatter a display case with fishing lures and cuff links. For couch-potato customers, wrap three or four watches around a TV remote and position it with a TV Guide to stress the importance of time.

Graduation. Celebrate high school and college graduations with mortarboards, tassels, confetti and faux diplomas. Roll up a diploma and drape bracelets or watches over it. Hang earrings from the rim of a mortarboard or sprinkle confetti in your display case and top with precious jewelry. Use local school colors to attract school-spirited customers browsing for graduation gifts.

– by Lorraine M. O’Donnell, A.J.P.

Ruby, sapphire, emerald and tanzanite in half-bezel settings are accented with round brilliant diamonds. Available in 14k white and yellow gold and platinum.

S. Kashi and Sons Inc.,
New York City; (800) 775-2744 or (212) 869-9393, fax (212) 869-9467.

Sterling silver heart slide pendant retails for $18. The 18-in. sterling silver snake chain is $43.50.

Dobbs Boston,
Gloucester, MA; (978) 283-0432, fax (978) 283-2209.

14k white gold ring is set with a 3.94-ct. garnet surrounded by 0.35 carat of diamonds. Keystone, $950. Matching earrings are available.

C.K. Gumpert/Pacific Gem Cutters,
Los Angeles, CA; (800) 225-0940 or (213) 626-6531, fax (213) 627-4406,

14k gold-filled lockets with 12k Black Hills gold trim are $60+ suggested retail.

South Dakota Gold,
Rapid City, SD; (800) 523-4209.

The Janel Russell Heart Collection in 14k gold has a lifetime guarantee and is ready for immediate delivery. Some pieces feature diamond pavé. Suggested retail, $140-$1,110.

Carla Corp.,
East Providence, RI; (401) 438-7070, fax (401) 438-0455.

Pavé and diamond hearts are suspended from woven leather cords. Available in three sizes in 18k white or yellow gold or platinum.

Judith Ripka,
New York City; (212) 355-0033, fax (212) 355-8757.

Vine cuff links with enamel are crafted in 18k gold. Suggested retail, $2,000.

Kimberlee Teti,
Wayne, PA; (610) 688-8828, fax (610) 688-8890.

14k gold heart pendant glows with a diamond pavé center.

Providence, RI; (401) 943-2100.

Sterling silver cuff links are available with moonstones, garnets or plain. Suggested retail, $125-$450. Also available in 18k gold.

Margo Manhattan,
New York City; (212) 925-0735,

Sterling silver key chains and money clips.

Leonore Doskow Inc.,
Montrose, NY; (914) 737-1335, fax (914) 737-5049

10k yellow gold heart pendant features 12k gold leaves and three diamond accents. Suggested retail, $102.

Mount Rushmore Black Hills Gold,
Rapid City, SD; (605) 343-2226, fax (605) 343-4217.

This pendant designed by Brian Charles depicts a mother and her child. It’s crafted in 14k gold and features two keshi pearls from Tennessee. Suggested retail, $295.

American Pearl Co.,
Nashville, TN; (800) 288-2877 or (615) 353-1231, fax (615) 353-8988.

Sterling silver and 14k gold lockets are set with garnet, iolite, peridot and blue topaz. Suggested retail, $60-$550.

Anatoli Inc.,
West Hurley, NY; (914) 334-9000, fax (914) 334-9099.

10k gold men’s ring features a square onyx surrounded by birthstones.

Landstrom’s Original Black Hills Gold Creations,
Rapid City, SD; (605) 343-0157, fax (605) 343-4683.

18k white or yellow gold rings hold a heart-shaped sapphire or ruby.

Tamara Comolli/KWM Exclusives Inc.,
New York City; (212) 570-6065, fax (212) 570-6720.

A hidden latch in the simple gold or platinum band opens to reveal the names, birth dates and birthstones of children or a secret message of love.

Takohl Design, Chicago, IL;
(312) 421-6222,
fax (312) 421-6973.

Leather and sterling silver men’s key rings are styled with oxblood, black and two-color leather accents and a split ring design. Suggested retail, $50-$85.

B.A. Ballou,
East Providence, RI; (800) 755-7099.

Father’s love tie tack is crafted in 14k gold with a 0.03-ct. diamond accent. Suggested retail, $234.

Lugosch Designs,
Round Pond, ME; (800) 299-7734 or (207) 529-6050, fax (207) 529-7000,,

14k gold French enamel turtle cuff links are $820 suggested retail.

Carol Silvera,
Allenhurst, NJ; (732) 517-8833, fax (732) 517-8833.

Multihued Tahitian cultured pearls make up this necklace.

Schoeffel/KWM Exclusives,
New York City; (212) 570-6065,fax (212) 570-6720,,

18k white gold pendant and chain feature a 10mm-11mm natural-colored Tahitian cultured pearl. Keystone, $700.

Tara & Sons Inc.,
New York City; (800) 235-2790 or (212) 575-8191, fax (212) 869-9332.

Sterling silver money clip, cuff links, tie tack and bracelet are rhodium-plated, come with a lifetime guarantee and retail for $15-$45.

Kelly Waters, Boston, MA; (800) 647-7017 or (617) 282-3620, fax (877) 282-4103 or (617) 282-4103.

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