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November 2000

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Pushing Consumer's Buttons

OroAmerica’s PushLock clasp draws repeat business from customers who like its ease of use and want it installed on all their chains

Something really new doesn’t come along every day, but OroAmerica’s PushLock™ Clasp may just qualify. According to Julie Franco, OroAmerica’s account manager, the clasp can serve as a valuable marketing tool that allows you to sell more gold chain to new and repeat customers.

How it Works

PushLock is a variation of the lobster claw clasp. As seen in the drawing, the clasp is opened with a simple push of the finger rather than pulling with fingernails. This virtually eliminates the problem of broken, chipped or split fingernails.

The clasp is easy for people with larger hands or those whose dexterity is limited by arthritis or conditions such as carpel tunnel syndrome, lupus and Lou Gehrig’s disease. This can be important at a time when the Arthritis Foundation says

37 million Americans suffer from arthritis. As the huge Baby Boom generation gets older, the number of age-related dexterity problems will grow.

OroAmerica offers the PushLock Clasp on an assortment of chains, including figaro, marine, Cuban and baguette link, Milano rope and Diamond-cut rope in 10k and 14k.

A new catalog features the full line of products with the PushLock Clasp and is generic enough to use on a sales counter to show your customers. The clasp itself is available in 10k and 14k in 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 13mm.

Pushing PushLock

Barry Clauser, senior vice president of the 942-store Piercing Pagoda chain, says his company plans to convert all its rope chain with barrel or lobster clasps to the new clasp.

Retailers, meanwhile say customers buy chain with PushLock already installed and ask about adding the clasps to jewelry they already own.

  • OroAmerica, Burbank, CA; 800-423-2246,

– by William H. Donahue Jr.

The PushLock clasp is easily opened without breaking nails or stressing arthritic fingers.
OroAmerica offers its PushLock clasp on numerous popular chain styles.

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