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November 2000

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Need a Watchmaker?

Here's a new list of recertified AWI members you can contact

Locating a qualified watch technician or watchmaker is increasingly difficult as demand far outpaces supply. In the U.S., about 10 schools extensively train students to become watch repair specialists and watchmakers. One of the best known is operated by the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute. It’s also the only professional watchmaker’s organization in the country that requires its members to recertify.

To help you find qualified watch repair, here’s the first of an occasional list of AWI members who have recertified through August.

AWI members recertify in five-year cycles to remain current with technologies and trends, passing a written test, attending lectures, participating in bench courses, reading pertinent literature and publishing an article in Horological Times.

AWI offers six exams leading to these credentials: certified watchmaker (CW), certified master watchmaker (CMW), certified electronic watch technician (CEWT), certified master electronic watchmaker (CMEW), certified clockmaker, (CC) and certified master clockmaker (CMC).

– by Michael Thompson

Arizona Terry O. Smith, CMW, Tucson; Robert W. Fesler, CMW, Scottsdale.

California Richard A. Decker, CMW, San Jose; Clifford A. Lint, CC, Mount Shasta; Alexander G. Loeb, CMW, Irvine; Henry D. Simoni, Petaluma; Chip Lim, CMEW, CMC, CMW, Castro Valley; Donald D. Buster, CMW, Downey; Kenneth Donald Rigsby. CMW, Los Angeles.

Colorado James L. Leazer, CMW, Loveland; Paul Soraci, CC, Loveland.

Connecticut Paul W. Jahnke, CMC, Monroe; Raymond E. Pavkov, CMC, North Haven.

Florida Benjamin Matz, CMW, Boca Raton; Nancy Jean Stefka, CMEW, Tallahassee; Robert Terwilliger, CMC, Coconut Grove; Ernest R. Tope, CMW, Land O’ Lakes; Arthur Blanchard, CMC, Webster; Samuel W. Gereg, CC, Niceville; Jong Suk Park, CMW, CMEW, Sunrise; Clifford R. Greene, CMC, Cantonment; Kamal Peters, CMW, Boca Raton; Edward J. Roscinski, CMEW, Tampa; Roland Strake, CMW, Summerville; Anthonius Waalewyn, CMW, Hypo Luxo; Leo A. Wright, CMC, Fort Pierce.

Georgia Mark A. Krueger, CC, Roswell; Larry G. Davenport, CC, Fort Pierce; Gary D. Wilson, CMW, Lawrenceville.

Idaho Mike R. Huffaker, CMW, CMEW, Boise; Richard T. King, CMW, Emmett.

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