Professional Jeweler Archive: Rand Gives Proof

October 2000


Rand Gives Proof

New reports trace a diamond's path from the source

The Rand diamond brand has a jump on the rest of the diamond industry, saying it will offer a “Provenance Report” that traces the path of each diamond from rough to finished product, ensuring it is conflict-free and in compliance with resolutions concerning conflict diamonds.

Rand diamonds are cut and polished by South African sightholder Rand Diamond Cutting Works, which buys rough exclusively from De Beers’ wholly owned Diamond Trading Co. Rand issues what it calls a “pedigree” that traces the diamond’s history and guarantees that it’s a “natural diamond, unenhanced by any treatment and/or process.”

From the moment the rough stone is bought from DTC, “it is cataloged, photographed and tracked through a unique identification number assigned to it,” Rand says. After the diamond is polished, the number is laser-inscribed on the girdle and is recorded on

the diamond’s Provenance Report, which “also contains the photographic and manufacturing record of the diamond.”

So far Rand has provided reports for diamonds between 0.33 and 1.5 carats, but expects larger sizes to be available with the report in the future.

Rand diamonds are distributed exclusively by Codiam Inc.

• Codiam Inc., New York; (800) 223-6279, fax (212) 354-0016.

– by Jack Heeger

Many diamonds from the Rand Diamond Cutting Works (distributed by Codiam Inc.) are now accompanied by Provenance Reports, documenting their journey from rough to polished. Such a report helps you guarantee a diamond is not used to fund guerrilla groups in African nations.

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