Professional Jeweler Archive: Diamond as Art

October 2000


Diamond as Art

Keppie Kiger introduces a branded diamond sold only through jewelers

Venerable Pittsburgh diamond company Keppie Kiger introduced the Artisans Signature Diamond™ earlier this year. The new marketing program likens the company’s diamonds to masterful works of art, touting their American Gem Society 0 cut and hearts-and-arrows pattern. The company vows to keep the product under the individual jeweler’s banner, with all sales and promotion items channeled through the local market.

“This is a completely private label – there will be no consumer contact with Keppie Kiger,” says Tom Gorman, president of Keppie Kiger.

Gorman, a registered supplier, certified jeweler and past president of AGS, was instrumental in revising AGS cut grading standards during his tenure as chairman of the Diamond Standards Committee. This led to the AGS ideal 0 as an industry standard for ideal cutting. His grandfather pioneered the early Ideal Cut standards and made it his company’s signature to sell well-cut diamonds.

The Artisans Signature Diamond marketing program includes the following benefits:

• An Artisans Signature Diamond, inscribed with the Artisans logo and its signature number. Each signature is microscopically cut, invisible to the naked eye.

• A presentation pad designed to look like a painter’s palette keeps with the art theme in the company’s ad campaign. Gorman says jeweler feedback is so important to the rollout of Artisan that the company already altered the size of the palette to better meet jewelers’ in-store needs. The palette includes a custom viewer to show consumers the hearts-and-arrows pattern of the diamond, a groove to hold a diamond and spots for three sizes of diamonds: 0.5, 0.75 and 1 carat. Jewelers also may choose various qualities of diamonds from good to better to best.

• A handcrafted gift box that can be used as a keepsake.

• A soft leather folder to hold the Diamond Quality Document issued by the AGS Laboratory, as well as a registration card authenticating the diamond’s number in the series.

• A sales brochure designed to convey the brand’s commitment to artistic diamond cutting.

• A radio spot jewelers can tag with their store information.

• Four-color and black-and-white ads with spaces for logo and store information.

• Point-of-sale elements like posters and countercards.

• Exclusive links to the secure portion of the Artisans Signature Diamond Web site.

Gorman says the graphics in the program are adaptable so that if changes are desired, they can be accomplished easily.

• Keppie Kiger, Pittsburgh, PA; (412) 563-0800,

– by Peggy Jo Donahue

Cover of Artisans Signature Diamond sales brochure.

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