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October 2000

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Color Therapy

New design contest recognizes the increasingly significant appeal of colored gems to consumers

Color will be the emotional key to jewelry and fashion design in the new millennium, says Signity, New York City. Accordingly, the colored gem supplier teamed with Stuller and the JA New York Show to sponsor the Colored Gemstone Design Award 2000.

The competition, publicized with the theme “Color Therapy,” attracted 526 designs. It yielded 30 “best entries” in the Designers category and 30 in the Manufacturers and Retail Manufacturers category, plus two awards for jewelry design students.

All designs had to emphasize the beauty of colored gemstones and include a selection of Signity gemstones, which are cut by D. Swarovski & Co., Austria. First-place winners are pictured on this page and runners-up are on the next two pages.

Judges were Bill McTighe, a jewelry consultant; Dan Kisch and Donna Frischknect of National Jeweler, New York City; Elizabeth Florence, media liaison with the Jewelry Information Center, New York City; Judy Karlin Grant, New York City, representative for La Nouvelle Bague; Nancy Pier Sindt, a fine jewelry consultant; Patricia Faber of Aaron Faber Gallery, New York City; Ruth Fortunoff of Fortunoff Fine Jewelry, Westbury, NY; and Sandy Finkel of London Jewelers, Glencove, NY.

• Signity, New York City; (800) 223-6753 or (212) 221-8234, fax (212) 221-6876,

• Stuller, Lafayette, LA; (800) 877-7777, fax (800) 444-4741,

Manufacturers and Retail Manufacturers
First Place

Thomas R. Metzler Jr.
Copploe Diamond Jewelers

Boardman, OH, (330) 758-2590, fax (330) 758-2599

Platinum ring features blue topaz, peridot, citrine, amethyst and rhodolite topped with a natural lavender freshwater pearl and accented with 18k yellow gold and diamonds.

First Place

Barbara Killen
Barbara Killen Design Ltd.

Chicago, IL, (312) 346-6955, fax (312) 456-0450

Sterling silver kaleidoscope is set with rubies, blue and pink sapphires, peridots, amethysts and citrine.

Manufacturers and Retail Manufacturers
Second Place

Don Fernandes
Fernandes Fine Jewelry

Turlock CA, (209) 667-4653, fax (209) 632-1770

This two-tone 14k gold pendant is set with sapphire, ruby, rhodolite, citrine, tanzanite and diamond.

Manufacturers and Retail Manufacturers
Third Place

Nikolai Tsang

Honolulu, HI, (808) 377-2333

Burmese jadeite tops this 18k white gold ring with blue and pink sapphires, citrines, peridots, amethysts and diamonds.

Second Place

Pedro Boregaard

New York City, (212) 826-3660,fax (212) 826-3722

Rubies, sapphires and amethysts take wing in this 18k rose and white gold pin with a center tanzanite.

Third Place

Cedrick Jihanian
Sero Designs

Los Angeles, CA, (213) 892-1033, fax (213) 622-5798

Peridots, rhodolites, citrines and diamonds pose playfully in 18k yellow and rose gold.

Students/First Place

Brien Chow
Louis, Daniel Jewelry Art

Seattle, WA, (206) 623-2277, fax (206) 467-7880

Sterling silver ring is set with rhodolite.

Students/Second Place

Levi Bachmann
Bachmann’s House of Diamonds

Boise, ID, (208) 323-8899, fax (208) 323-8333

14k ring features amethysts and peridots.

Finalists: Manufacturers and Retail Manufacturers

Michael Goralski, Pewaukee, WI, 18k white and yellow gold pendant with blue topaz, peridot and citrine.

Pamela J. Rossi, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, FL, 14k yellow and white gold pin with rhodolite, peridot, blue topaz, amethyst and diamonds with a center Tahitian pearl.

Marcus R. Gillihan, Albuquerque, NM, 18k yellow gold and 14k white gold ring with peridot, amethyst, topaz, rhodolite, citrine, ruby and diamond.

Nina Ward, Kennebunk, ME, 18k white gold necklace drop with blue sapphires, diamonds and a South Sea Pearl bearing preset sapphires.

David Blitt, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 14k yellow gold ring with rhodolite and an African garnet center.

Sandra Matasick for Michael W. Thibault, Gainesville, FL, platinum and 18k yellow gold and enamel pendant has peridot, amethyst, citrine, rhodolite and an aquamarine center.

R.G. Hedstrom, Alexandria, MN, 14k yellow gold ring is set with peridot and blue topaz and covered with polycarbonate.

Jean Jung, San Anselmo, CA, pearl necklace features amethyst.

Mark Grosser, Muncie, IN, 18k tricolor gold ring is set with citrine, rhodolite and amethyst.

Paola Miserendino, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 18k pink and white gold ring has blue and pink sapphires and pink tourmaline at the center.

Brenda Wharburton, Ann Arbor, MI, 14k white and yellow gold necklace and earrings feature amethyst, rhodolite, citrine, peridot, blue topaz and diamond.

Fred and Kate Pearce, Lebanon, NH, 14k yellow gold pin is set with a citrine, peridot and ammonite.

Robert Leser, New York City, 14k bracelet with peridot and amethyst.

Melinda Risk, West Lafayette, IN, 22k necklace with chalcedony center and peridot and blue topaz accents.

Suzy Kline, Whitehall, PA, 14k flower pin with rhodolite and peridot.

Brian Kaller and Margaret Tongebloeck, East Setauket, NY, two-tone 18k gold peacock pin with blue topaz, amethyst and peridot.

Brian Beardsley, Colorado Springs, CO, 14k green gold pin with peridot.

Josue Avella, Buford, GA, 18k rose gold and platinum pendant with a yellow sapphire center and pink sapphire accents.

Cynthia Sexton, St. Louis, MO, 18k yellow gold, 14k pink gold and sterling pin with amethyst, rhodolite, peridot, topaz, amethyst and blue sapphire

Peter Antrobus, University Heights, OH, 14k white and yellow gold pendant with amethyst, ruby, pink and blue sapphires and center amethyst.

Taft Atkins, Springfield, MO, platinum and 18k pin with blue and pink sapphires and freshwater cultured pearl.

Curt Parker, St. Louis, MO, 14k gold and platinum pin has citrine, peridot, ruby, pink sapphire and diamonds combined with a lilac cultured pearl.

Scott Hoppe, Richmond, NH, 18k necklace with tanzanite center and rhodolite, peridot, amethyst and diamond accents.

C. Kirk Root, Austin, TX, 14k yellow gold pin with amethyst, rhodolite, citrine and peridot surrounding a center aquamarine.

Michael Valitutti, Downsview, Ontario, Canada, 18k stacking rings with citrine, amethyst, rhodolite and diamonds.

Aaron Henry Furlong, Los Angeles, CA, yellow and white gold stacking ring set with peridot, rhodolite and amethyst.

Lelanie Osward, Lancaster, PA, 14k yellow and white gold bracelet set with blue topaz, citrine, peridot, rhodolite, amethyst and white sapphire.

Finalists: Designers

Brenda Warburton, Ann Arbor, MI, yellow and white 14k gold pins with rhodolites, peridots, citrines, amethysts and diamonds.

Gloria Stewart, Phoenix, AZ, a ribbon of platinum edged with pink sapphires and diamonds wraps around a black South Sea cultured pearl in this fashion ring.

Kim Koch, Mequon, WI, sterling silver bracelet with 14k yellow gold, amethyst and peridot accents.

Glen J. Engelbrecht, Sarasota, FL, a ribbon of green gold holds amethysts and citrines and wraps around a center ametrine.

Mark Schneider, Long Beach, CA, yellow gold squares and triangles with rhodolite, amethyst, peridot, citrine and blue topaz form this bracelet.

Kevin Wood, Salt Lake, UT, onyx disc pendant with citrine and period accents in 14k yellow gold.

Jeanette Binder, Valparaiso, IN, 18k yellow gold ring with two half-circle green tourmalines and a band of pink sapphires.

Wayne A. Franciose, North Hampton, MA, 14k white gold ring with rhodolite, citrine, peridot, blue topaz, amethyst and pink tourmaline around an amethyst center.

Nancy Judd, Metarie, LA, 14k white and yellow gold ring is set with peridot, blue topaz, rhodolite and citrine.

Aaron Henry Furlong, Los Angeles, CA, 18k yellow gold pin with peridot, citrine and rhodolite.

Dorota Kretowska, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 14k white gold and 18k yellow gold necklace with Baltic amber, amethyst, citrine and a center iolite.

Sonia Hadyk-Wepf, Syracuse, NY, sterling silver balloon features 14k tethers and an elephant with a coat of amethyst, citrine, rhodolite, peridot and blue topaz.

Richard Schneider, Pittsburgh, PA, 18k yellow gold pin with blue topaz, peridot, amethyst, citrine, rhodolite and diamond.

Hagop Kaya, Boston, MA, platinum ring with diamonds and citrine in an 18k yellow gold setting.

Kyriakos Somos, Valley Cottage, NY, platinum pins with blue sapphires and diamonds.

Joseph Lupo, Denver, CO, 18k yellow gold ring with a citrine center and rhodolite accents in 14k white gold settings.

Janis Kerman, Westmount, Quebec, Canada, 18k yellow gold pin with rhodolite, citrine, peridot, amethyst, blue sapphire and ruby.

Diana Sloan, Lake Forest, CA, 14k white and yellow gold earrings with peridot and amethyst.

Michael Daniel, Baltimore, MD, 14k white and yellow gold ring with a center diamond and blue sapphire accents.

Ross Arterberry, Indianapolis, IN, 18k yellow gold pendant with citrine, peridot, blue topaz, Malayan garnet and diamond.

Tammy Kohl, Chicago, IL, 14k white gold ring with a center rhodolite in a yellow gold setting.

Glenn Bradford, Old Brookville, NY, 18k white gold pendant with blue and pink sapphires.

Brenda Emanuel, Allentown, PA, 18k white and yellow gold earrings with amethyst, rhodolite and cultured pearls.

Tammie Whiteman, Hemet, CA, 14k white gold ring with amethyst, rhodolite, blue topaz and fancy colored sapphires.

Vartan Jizmejian, Dana Point, CA, 18k yellow gold ring with amethyst, blue topaz, rhodolite and peridot.

Sharon Clark, Sylvania, OH, 18k yellow gold earrings has amethyst, peridot, blue topaz and half-moon citrines.

Keith Fishenfeld, Great Neck, NY, 14k yellow gold bracelet with peridot, citrine, rhodolite, amethyst and blue topaz.

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