Professional Jeweler Archive: Crystal Cures, Part 6

October 2000

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Crystal Cures, Part 6

Our series on gems as medicine continues

Have a headache? Wear one sapphire with each meal and call me in the morning.

That might be the advice from supporters of gem therapy, a discipline developed by a professor at the University of Pisa in Italy. It’s based on another alternative discipline, floritherapy, developed by British homeopath Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s. Here are some symptoms, the plants Bach recommended to treat them and the gems suggested for the same symptoms.

Headache, Depression

Plant treatment: Hornbeam.
Gem treatment: Blue sapphire to harmonize inner energy and garnet to stimulate the will and determination.

Irritability, Itching, Spasmodic Pain

Plant treatment: Impatiens.
Gem treatment: Blue agate and turquoise to relax the body and pink tourmaline to encourage harmony.

Feelings of Uselessness

Plant treatment: Larch.
Gem treatments: Yellow tourmaline to stimulate achievement and sapphire to encourage motivation.

Melancholy, Facial Neuralgia

Plant treatment: Mustard.
Gem treatments: Rock crystal to provide inner clarity and aquamarine to eliminate sadness.

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