Professional Jeweler Archive: Crystal Cures, Part 5

September 2000

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Crystal Cures, Part 5

Our series on gems as medicine continues

Whether or not you believe gems can cure physical ailments, as one group of scientists believes, you may have some customers interested in the idea. Marcella Sapanora of the University of Pisa in Italy developed gem therapy based on another alternative discipline, floritherapy, developed by British homeopath Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s. Here are some symptoms, the plants Bach recommended to treat them and the gems Sapanora suggests for the same symptoms.

Depression, Resignation

Plant treatment: Ulex Europaeus.
Gem treatment: Cat’s-eye to combat pessimism, smoky quartz to boost energy, garnet to stimulate the will and jade to encourage healing of organs.

Loneliness, Egotism, Hypochondria

Plant treatment: Calluna Vulgaris.
Gem treatment: Rhodonite for a balanced way and tourmaline to find solutions in difficult situations

Unhappiness, Irritability

Plant treatment: Holly.
Gem treatments: Pink quartz to stimulate love and speckled white and pink coral to encourage gentleness and friendship.

Melancholy, Regretfulness

Plant treatment: Honeysuckle.
Gem treatments: Snowflake obsidian to live in the present and tourmaline to detach from material ties.

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