Professional Jeweler Archive: Make a Good Impression

September 2000

Precious Metals & Bench: Metalsmithing

Make a Good Impression

Precision and savings make these dental wax and plating products ideal for bench jewelers

Yates & Bird, a manufacturer specializing in tools for dental laboratories, now offers two products that may interest bench jewelers who do casting work.

The Digital Wax Pot, with a precise digital temperature display, is compact and comes with a switchable AC adapter so it’s functional at 110 and 220 volts. The temperature range is 50°-150°C (122°-239°F). Two buttons raise and lower the temperature so it quickly reaches and maintains the desired heat, says Mona Zemsky, marketing manager. Precise temperature control is important to ensure the wax doesn’t overheat or underheat before it’s injected into the mold, she says. The Digital Wax Pot is $190.

The other product, the Gold Plater, has been popular in the dental industry for years, and has been discovered by bench jewelers as a way to save time and money. It’s an easy and affordable way to show customers how a design will look when finished without having to cast it in gold. Just cast the piece in a base metal, plate it with gold and it’s all set to show your customer. If he or she likes it, you can cast the real thing.

The Gold Plater comes with everything you need to goldplate a 20k gold veneer onto precious or non-precious metal. The package includes four solution containers and covers, a stainless steel brush plating tool, “gang” plating bar to handle multiple pieces at once and ElectroClean powder. It also comes with a 12-oz. bottle of 20k gold solution that will plate up to 200 square inches – less than 45 cents per square inch. An automatic timer shuts off when the desired plating time is reached.

The package costs $545 with a steel stand or $498 without the stand. Replacement bottles of the 20k gold solution are $85 each.

  • Yates & Bird, Chicago, IL; (800) 662-5021, fax (312) 226-2480, (Yates & Bird sells products directly, but also welcomes inquiries from distributors.)

The Gold Plater from Yates & Bird allows you to plate a gold veneer on a base-metal custom design so your customer knows how the finished piece will look before you go to the expense of casting in precious metal.
Yates & Bird’s Digital Wax Pot is designed to ensure precise temperature control.

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