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September 2000

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As Free as the Air

Oxygen generators can eliminate the need for high-pressure oxygen cylinders or reservoirs

Oxygen Generating Systems Inc. introduces a line of oxygen generators designed for industrial applications. With 20 standard models to choose from, there’s one suitable for any size jewelry manufacturing operation or jeweler’s bench, says Bob Schler, OGSI marketing manager.

Using Pressure Swing Adsorption technology, the generators extract oxygen from the air in a continuous process. This eliminates the cost and hazards of handling high-pressure oxygen cylinders or reservoirs, says the company. Microprocessor-controlled generators can be attached to existing air compressors or can be shipped with a dedicated compressor. Every generator includes a storage tank for high-demand periods.

Schler says the technology is a simple and reliable method of oxygen separation that requires no special training or maintenance. OGSI developed nine standard models with varying capacities. To help you determine the system that’s best for your shop, OGSI developed Windows™-based Payback Analysis Software available for free upon request. For users of as little as two cylinders of oxygen per week, an OGSI generator can pay for itself in 18 months or less.

  • OGSI, Niagara Falls, NY; 800-414-6474, fax 716-731-1358,

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