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September 2000

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The Power of Symbols

Tap into consumers' yearning for connection

Jewelry has always been used as talismans – symbols of healing or protection from evil spirits. Today, symbolic jewelry makes up for what’s missing in our disconnected lives. These symbols reconnect us with close relationships and serve as an antidote and comfort in troubling times.

Symbols referencing family, career, religion and hobbies are most attractive to consumers. These symbols identify an individual with a particular group or affirm faith or heritage. “The challenge is seeking out a design that continues to capture the underlying community being symbolized,” says Mary Jane Yagi, owner/designer of Tomi for Mary Jane Yagi Inc., New York City. Engagement rings and wedding bands, symbolizing the commitment and union of two people, are the best-known examples of symbolic jewelry.

“This jewelry is less influenced by fashion and more by design, style and workmanship,” says David Rosen, president, KDS Jewelry, New York City. “Because this jewelry reflects personalities and lifestyles, it has to be unique.”

Customize and categorize the display case by creating a focal point for customers. By keeping this type of jewelry displayed together, your customer can compare styles.

– by Lorraine M. Suermann, A.J.P.

Sterling silver cross necklace features amethyst, garnet, carnelian, apatite and peridot beads and hangs from a sterling silver chain. Suggested retail, $75. Matching earrings retail for $98.

Wendy Tabb,
New York City; (212) 966-5104,

The “O” collection in sterling silver comes with 36-in. silver snake chains. Featured here is the Star “O” David, “O” Cross, Eggo “O” and Heart “O” Silver. Keystone, $76 each.

Lugosch Designs,
Round Pond, ME; (207) 529-7000.

Assorted sterling silver crosses retail for $6-$53.

The Cargo Hold Inc.,
Charleston, SC; (843) 723-3341, fax (843) 722-1377.

10k gold earrings are accented with 12k rose and green gold leaves. Also available in sterling silver. Suggested retail, $54 in sterling, $114 in gold.

Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman,
Rapid City, SD; (800) 874-9926, fax (800) 394-5752.

Celtic cross is crafted in 10k yellow gold with 12k green and rose gold leaves. Suggested retail, $107.50.

Mount Rushmore Black Hills Gold,
Rapid City, SD; (605) 343-2226, fax (605) 343-4217.

Symbolism charm bracelet is 14k gold and sterling silver. Suggested retail, $795.

Rembrandt Charms,
Buffalo, NY; (800) 828-7840, fax (800) 828-7811.

My Child™ charms in 14k gold are painted in French enamels with the customer's choice of hair color and clothing color. Suggested retail, $80-$150.

My Child™ Jewelry Inc.,
North Babylon, NY; (888) DFS-001

The “Life Compass” is crafted in solid sterling silver. The front reflects critical aspects of life’s journey while the back displays the message, “It’s your journey ... choose the right path” with a space for personalizing. It’s suspended from a sterling silver box link chain. Also available in 14k gold.

Goodheart’s Fine Jewelry,
Leawood, KS; (877) 913-9069 or (913) 451-8334.

10k gold charms with 12k trim are from the Wish Ring Jewelry collection. Suggested retail starts at $79.

South Dakota Gold,
Rapid City, SD; (800) 523-4209, fax (800) 348-7087.

Sterling silver charm bracelet retails from $10.

Beaucraft Inc.,
Providence, RI; (800) 227-2305 or (401) 461-2305.

14k gold Celtic Class™ wedding bands with weaving and endless flowing forms have no beginning and no end, forever intertwined, symbolizing everlasting life.

Peter Shakes Jeweller Ltd.,
Wellington, New Zealand; (644) 385-2827, fax (644) 385-2826,

Celtic 14k gold rings come specially boxed with a story card.

Esslinger & Co.,
St. Paul, MN; (800) 328-0205.

Cross pendant in two-tone gold is set with 0.25 carat of diamonds. Keystone, $199.

Plainville Stock Co.,
Plainville, MA; (800) 343-2112.

20/22k granulated cross pendant retails for $2,200 and hangs on a 20/22k chain that retails for $7,000.

Mary Jane F. Yagi Inc.,
New York, NY; (646) 319-4823.

14k gold religious jewelry retails from $30.

B.A. Ballou,
Providence, RI; (401) 521-2700, fax (401) 521-0014.

This collection of crosses features designs such as starburst and textured estate looks. All crosses are set with diamond accents in 14k yellow or white gold. Suggested retail, $199-$699.

Palermo for Color Craft,
New York, NY; (800) 321-5807 or (212) 840-1924, fax (212) 869-4216,

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