Professional Jeweler Archive: Platinum Juggernaut Continues

September 2000

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Platinum Juggernaut Continues

New study shows brides and platinum are an increasingly popular couple

The number of women who choose platinum for their wedding bands continues to grow, according to the new “Modern Bride Platinum Jewelry Study.”

On a scale of one to five, 66% of the respondents in the study gave platinum the top rating of five. Here are more highlights of the study:

  • 63% of brides said they did or will consider platinum for their wedding jewelry because “platinum is stronger than all other precious metals.”
  • 53% said “platinum sets off a diamond’s quality the best.”
  • 43% said “platinum is classy, elegant and rich.”
  • 69% believe platinum is stronger and better than white gold.
  • 43% believe platinum is more precious than white gold.
  • Of the respondents, 85% of women’s engagement rings, 89% of women’s wedding rings and 89% of their fiancé’s wedding rings are platinum.
  • 34% said their jeweler was “very to somewhat influential” in their decision to buy platinum wedding jewelry.
  • 45% chose platinum because their rings include diamonds and they wanted to keep the diamonds secure.
  • 50% decided to give their fiancé platinum wedding jewelry because that’s what he wanted.
  • 35% chose platinum for their fiancé’s wedding jewelry because it’s “stronger than any other precious metal.”
  • 55% did not feel platinum is too expensive.

The study was released by Platinum Guild International USA, Newport Beach, CA; (949) 760-8279, fax (949) 760-8780,

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