Professional Jeweler Archive: Trends in Gold

April 2001

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Trends in Gold

Keep these trends in mind when gold-minded, fashionable customers approach your counter

T he World Gold Council is renewing efforts to promote gold in the U.S., doubling budgets for 2001, Rick Bannerot, WGC’s U.S. advertising and marketing manager, told an audience of jewelers at the JCK Show in Orlando at a seminar organized by Charlotte Preston Catalysts, White Bear Lake, MN.

A new international campaign is designed to brand gold and stress the spiritual connection many women feel toward gold jewelry rather than highlight its value as a store of wealth. Among other consumer trends Bannerot noted:

  • White metal is still the choice in middle-America, while the coasts have been the first to adopt yellow gold as a fashionable statement again. However, Bannerot says Midwesterners will climb on the bandwagon also. Despite yellow’s re-emergence, he believes both colors will remain in fashion, sharing the stage, rather than one dominating.
  • Hoops and bangles are the preferred way to wear gold these days. More gems decorate gold jewelry as consumers become more interested in color. On the horizon: Bold yellow gold, which was hot at the VicenzaOro 1 show in January.
  • 18k gold’s richer tone will grow in popularity. Bannerot says women need it to stand up against the richer fabrics in popular apparel styles.
  • Comfort, flexibility and utility will continue to be the attributes women seek in their gold jewelry. Convertible, statement-making pieces are key.
  • Girls in Gen Y are driving fashion more and more, as women imitate what their teenage daughters wear. Bannerot says jewelers need to make their stores friendlier and less intimidating to these girls. This generation is wearing jewelry and has money to spare.

– by Peggy Jo Donahue

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