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April 2001

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JVC Institutes New Membership Standards

Efforts are designed to document credibility for consumers

Jewelers who strive for integrity have some new tools to demonstrate that fact to consumers, courtesy of the Jewelers Vigilance Committee. JVC members are now required to sign a new document titled Membership Standards and Compliance Practices. After signing, they receive a framed certificate to feature in their stores and are allowed to use the JVC logo. “The JVC logo is a recognized symbol of integrity and trust,” says Cecilia Gardner, executive director and general counsel. “Displaying it provides tremendous benefit to our members in building credibility with their customers.”

This is the first time JVC has created a legal benchmark for members. “Our plan is to convey these to the industry and the public at large,” says Gardner.

The Standards for Membership say JVC members must:

  • Make reasonable efforts to educate self and staff about applicable current legal requirements.
  • Comply with all laws and regulations applicable to the jewelry industry.
  • Make accurate representations about the products they buy and sell.
  • Communicate to business partners their commitment to compliance with the law.
  • Resolve all customer complaints promptly and fairly.

The Compliance Practices recommend JVC members:

  • Maintain each of the JVC compliance publications (or their functional equivalent) at each business location, readily accessible to all management and sales personnel.
  • Make reasonable efforts to confirm that JVC compliance publications (or their functional equivalents) have been read and that each employee has committed to compliance with the law.
  • Make reasonable efforts to conduct periodic training sessions on compliance requirements, with emphasis on related problems, accurate and fair representation and disclosure.
  • Make reasonable efforts to remain current on changes in the law that pertain to their business and make reasonable efforts to ensure the most current information is communicated to all appropriate staff.
  • Fully communicate their commitment to compliance to business partners, with emphasis on requiring a similar commitment from them.

JVC also introduced legal trivia and fact cards that test your knowledge of industry regulations. The first in a series of 2.5-by-4-in. cards addresses laws and guidelines pertaining to gold, silver and platinum. Example: The term “plumb” (meaning true with exactness) traditionally describes an industry product composed of 58.5% gold throughout without tolerance.”

Each card features a tagline that positions JVC as the “keeper” of these and other legal guidelines and includes a call-to-action to use JVC as a resource. The cards are gathered on a chain so they can be carried as a quick reference and added to as the series grows to become a “master set” of guidelines.

Jewelers Vigilance Committee, New York City; (212) 997-2002.

– by Ren Miller

Richard Greenwood

AGTA Leadership

Richard Greenwood of A.F. Greenwood, New York City, is the new president of the American Gem Trade Association Board of Directors. Serving with him are Simon Watt of Mayer & Watt, Maysville, KY, vice president; Frank Farnsworth of Idaho Opal & Gem Corp., Pocatello, ID, secretary; and Fran Mastoloni of Frank Mastoloni & Sons, New York City, treasurer. Other members of the board are Jack Abraham of Precious Gem Resources, New York City; Richard Krementz of Richard Krementz Gemstones, Newark, NJ; and Philip Zahm of Philip Zahm Gemstones, Aptos, CA. AGTA also established a new student category of membership. The intent is to bridge the gap between students who lack the two-year minimum experience requirement to apply for Firm or Affiliate membership.

Crime Watch

John Walker (left), supervisory special agent with the FBI, receives the Jeweler’s Security Alliance James B. White Award for his work with the FBI’s jewelry and gem program. With him are former JSA President James B. White, JSA President John J. Kennedy and JSA Chairman Hugh Glenn of Cyma Watch/Glenn Corp., New York City.

Fred Michmershuizen is the new director of marketing and communications for Jewelers of America Inc., New York City. Formerly managing editor of National Jeweler magazine, Michmershuizen will work to promote JA’s four departments – education, certification, member savings and marketing. He can be contacted at (646) 658-0246,
The Wisconsin Jewelers Association and Wisconsin Merchants Federation moved to 1 E. Main Street, Suite 305, Madison, WI 53703; (608) 257-3541, fax (608) 257-8755.

The American Gem Society reports an increase of 59% in new members in 2000. In addition, AGS retailers saw an increasing interest in education among staff members. The number of AGS Certified Sales Associates increased 81%. Meanwhile, AGS reported increased membership and activity in its Canadian Guild, thanks to efforts by chapter President Reg Grandis of Grandis Jewellers and the AGS presence at the Canadian Jewelry World Expo in Toronto.

Shmuel Schnitzer was elected president of the Israel Diamond Exchange for an additional two-year term. Other members of the board are Moshe Friedman, Motti Fluk, Haim Katz, Yosef Papo, Hagai Halevy, Avi Paz, Yoram Harel-Haimoff, Jacob Korn, Ilan Samuel, Ben-Zion Fouzailoff, Nissim Gil, Jacob Spiro, Avivit Weich, Yitzhak Cohen, Avraham (Bumi) Traub and Yair Hendel. For more information, visit

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