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April 2001

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Looking for a Watchmaker?

We continue our list of recertified AWI members

To help our readers searching for qualified watch repair, we began last fall to list members of the American Watchmaker-Clockmakers Institute who recertified through March 2000.

All AWI-certified members now are asked to recertify in five-year cycles to remain up-to-date on technologies and trends. To retain certification, the member is required to pass a written test, attend lectures, participate in bench courses, read pertinent literature and publish an article in Horological Times.

AWI offers six proficiency examinations leading to the following credentials:

  • Certified Watchmaker (CW).
  • Certified Master Watchmaker (CMW).
  • Certified Electronic Watch Technician (CEWT).
  • Certified Master Electronic Watchmaker (CMEW).
  • Certified Clockmaker (CC).
  • Certified Master Clockmaker (CMC).

Please note many AWI members have earned qualifications during the past five years and are not yet required to recertify.

For telephone numbers and to locate a recertified watchmaker near your store, call AWI or use the search program on the organization’s Web site at

Recertified as of March 2000

Canada: Michael G. Cosby, CMC, CMW, SMEW, Toronto, Ontario; and John Hiew, CMW, Vancouver, BC.

South Carolina: Rickey Bass, CMW, Garden City Beach; and James M. Davis, CC, Seneca.

South Dakota: Randy C. Hoffman, CMW, Brandon; and Timothy R. Makepeace, CMW, Watertown.

Tennessee: William R. Smith, CMC, CMW, Powell.

Texas: Jack H. Fulwiler, CMW, Abilene; Nino Gonzales, CMC, Austin; and Robin C. Nance, CC, Carrollton.

Virginia: Robert G. Bruckhart, CMW, Glen Allen; John M. Davidson, CMW, Brookneal; Ewell D.
Hartman, CMW, Richmond; and Lawrence M. Taylor, CMC, Kilmarnock.

Washington: Wes Door, CMW, Kennewick; David L. Ghan, CMW, Seattle; Robert L. Macomber, CMC, Sequim; and Thomas M. Payne, CMW, Seattle.

Wisconsin: John H. Fletcher, CMW, Baraboo; Craig R. Gruening, CC, Fond du Lac; Raymond P. Karas, CMW, Madison; Ronald N. Peterson, CMW, Merrill; Henry Polk, CMW, Milwaukee; Jack R.
Robbins, CMW, Mondovi; Robert L. Sambs, CC, Eagle River; and Oscar H. Teuteberg, CMC, Menomonee Falls.

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